2 day review

time is flying, yesterday was a really late start as we spent the morning sending photo’s of injured foot back to RIC for their guidence, the way to treat an infected pressure sore on foot iso stay off it completely and put no pressure on it.
so we slice up 3 pairs of shoes until we got the hole right, redrilled the cleat for my shoe into the heal, wrapped it up and put it into the shoe, hurt like hell, but can pedal. drove to where we finished and kept going. we were joined in the afternoon by friends from home, ron schutz, mead montgomery and wade Fetzer, it was hot and windy but we managed 27 miles. we say goodbye to jim and beth myhnier, a great help. my friend rob schorder, his sons scott and michael joined by charlie palmer as well as good friend from RIC kristen and buddy rob brock arrived that night.
we were a big group but lincoln had everyone ready to go in minutes. the morning was nice, good pavement but strong headwinds, we made fare time and were met on the road by andrew flynn in from chicago after overnight delay in charlotte. great to have everyone together, jeff riding point which is really group leader and jon riding the newly created position of scout.
we broke for lunch as the heavens opened, lincoln had lunch and chairs under the tent in seconds. as we rode off into the rain, two things happened, andy found an ipad on the side of the road, tracked down the owner and they were able to pick it up. we were also met on the road by jerry sanford who leads a bike club east of houston. we met jerry a few weeks ago when he graciously hosted us for dinner. it was a pleasure to meet his wide and daughter as well.
we rolled a solid 52 miles.
be well,

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  1. Where there’s a (Stephan) will — and duct tape — there’s a way! Great creativity and perseverance. Like many, I am sorry to have missed witnessing this amazing feat. (No pun intended). You are audacious and inspiring!

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