2 day update

wen. was a rest day austin, everone was fried. i had lunch with 2 friends from the LAF and then crashed.
some days are better than others and some days are plain fun. thursday was fun, we slept in knowing a late start and headed back down to buda texas to ride into austin. although the mothership was a little challenged directionally we found our starting point. we were joined by bruce and christopher lee and pat and patrick eilers from home and michael and james drogin from san diego. it was a father son trifecta.
this was bruce’s second apperence. the two little guys were great, we had 15 miles into the hotel in austin, it was hot and windy but our big crew pushed on. we were lead into the hotel by our 9 and 12 year old on the front who went right to the pool. dads went to hydration cooler.
i really appreciate the effort put forth by the young men, they got me officially 1/2 way.
margaret and my youngest son made it in in time for dinner, it is great to have them here. thanks for supporting the challenge.
be well,

3 thoughts on “2 day update

  1. Steph & Maria & Lincoln -” Rest dem bones!” Charge up the mothership. I’ll rejoin the ride June 1- somewhere near Houston? I want to be there when you put Texas in the rearview mirror

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