2 day update

Sunday, chuck, mike, john and i headed to san antonio. great morning, fair pavement. we intersected with a buddy of mike’s on his way to his ranch in uvaede, we had a great visit, great guy, trey had given us our dinner recommendation the night before.
we exited off hwy 90, reconnected with lincoln for a late lunch and decided to push to the hotel. we are now in hill country and added 1500 vertical in the last few hours of the day. we were tired when we pulled into hotel, but cold beer awaited, we also were greeted by mike and sue rushmore, friends from co. in to join us. i crashed early.

monday morning we were greeted by local abc news crew for an interview, they were very nice but it must have been slow news day. we pushed off and hugged frontage roads to work our way to austin. our lunch was at a local volero station and then we said goodbye to john marquardt and mike carothers, i am not sure how we will identify roadkilll without them……..
we pushed on and were soon joined by john willian, a long time family friend who escaped from a conference in austin to join us for a few hours before heading back to austin for a dinner, a great visit. sue, mike, chuck and i had a little pizza and agreed to push on to austin tomorrow, only 52 miles away.
be well,

on the road

4 thoughts on “2 day update

  1. Hey Steph, it was an honor joining the Team and we look foward to catching up in the coming weeks! Your efforts are truely inspirational. ReMARKable says it best. A special shout out to Maria and Lincoln for their unwavering energy and support, we had a blast! I hope Maria’s bike riding lesson makes it to the website. Be safe!

  2. Short guest blog enhancement to ride in to San Antonio section. I suggested to Steph he should title blog “Bike lanes, we don’t need no stinking bike lanes” They were few and far between which made me a bit edgy, but all in all the fine folks of San Antonio were understading. A couple even stayed behind us to divert traffic. John M is also an excellent traffic cop and Mike is a great chief marketing officer. As usual, thanks to Linc and Maria for all their help. They are the glue of the SC. Steph , let’s keep rolling buddy.

  3. “And stories do come true
    You just got to live your life in episodes
    With one eye on a good lady
    And one eye still on that open road”

    “Contrary To Ordinary”
    by Billy Jim Baker

    Performed by Jerry Jeff Walker: Jerry Jeff Walker — Contrary to Ordinary.wmv


  4. Hola Steph — as CBS newscaster Mayra Moreno said yesterday — “you’re primetime, ALL the time…” Keep it on the road, keep grinding up those hills, watch out for the Armadillos, especially the flat ones! The past 4 days with you put some big wind in my sails — thanks for all… Hey Linc and Kia Maria — thanks a million, you guys rock! Pass the sunscreen and keep it all rolling. Mikey C

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