a quick review of the last two days.
may 11th was a great morning the b&b breakfast was terrific, we headed to our start location just east of alpine. the temp. was 54 degrees, our coldest morning to date. we headed out and were soon joined by joe dooley, tim cawley and the werd children, greg and daphnie. we were headed to sanderson tx. the pace easy, spirits high and a building headwind. the werd’s peeled off to explore family property, the rest of us pushed into the wind and rollers. at 51 miles we were 24 miles short of sanderson and we climbed in and called it a day, marked the spot and drove to our motel in sanderson. our motel was scarey,, no place in town to eat. lincoln and crew pulled out the grill and coolers, we set up tables and chairs, did burgers, beers, salad and music in parking lot. we said good bye to bob burton and jordan prager, we will miss their humor.
on mothers day we waited for joe dooley, had breakfast to go at the truck stop, rolled to our start point. it was an easy morning, we said good bye to mike fasciano and the werd crew after lunch, mike headed home, the werds still chasing grandfather’s property.
joe, tim and i ran into steep, short, climbs and a brutal headwind, we refueled and kept pushing, joe attaching every hill. we pushed to 56 miles, i was spent. a 84 mile ride to del rio means an early breakfast and a retracement. have to push hard as weather rolling in on tuesday.
be well,

4 thoughts on “2 DAYS OF WORK

  1. For a group that’s “deep in the heart of Texas”, you have hearts and determination as big as Texas! Just awesome! Sending you love & hugs every day!

  2. You will miss our humor? Let me understand this. I am funny, how ? I make you laugh, like I am a clown? I was there to amuse you like an f’in clown?

    I miss the fine vibe of the crew and the road. Truly. Pedal on you crazy diamonds!

  3. Hey Mark, I finally figured out how to leave a reply on this blog! We’ve been following you all along and cheering you on. You are AMAZING!! I especially like hearing about all the people you meet and inspire along the way. I just don’t know why you couldn’t have chosen a route that took you through Jackson and the Tetons!! Stay strong and enjoy the rest of Texas! Erika

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