2 days under our belt

yesterday morning we sat in lobby of hotel with the guys from the weather channel, it was ugly. we were going to get a late start given the conditions, but we were not sure what roads were passable. there was a break on radar in the area we wanted to go, so we loaded up and headed out. we unloaded and started out in a downpour. a couple of new riders were in, john bailey and alain leque, friends from college. the headwinds and hills were still rough but the rain was letting up and we had lunch outside. we finished the day on a 16 mile bike path which was really cool. we picked up ed chestnut along the way as well as tom gorman, an old ski buddy, tim shannon joined us for dinner.
today was as close to perfect as we have had, cool, sunny, flat, good shoulder. we lost john and alain at breakfast, greg and ed late afternoon and don early evening. we were joined by mike mercuri, his buddy marchak and their sons, they helped us finish off the day, 51 miles done.
my foot is issue but we change the dressing regularly, we have another sore brewing and we are padding and sending photos back to RIC. hope this old body hangs in there.
i am guessing 165 miles to go, could push and be done sat. but have not had a rest day in weeks, going to be sun. or mon. assuming all hangs in.
thank you for supporting our challange and the RIC.
be well,

8 thoughts on “2 days under our belt


    ps FYI miller didn’t leave….he was the last one to leave
    the beer…… er……pool area tonight!

  2. As anybody who has ever climbed a mountain can attest to,

    the closer the summit, the steeper the trail.

    So be it.


  3. You were so due for a beautiful, sunny day meant for riding. Glad you got it and hope you get more of the same down the stretch, Steph! Stroke hard to the finish…the momentum is palpable, your foot and feat unstoppable! Thanks for putting us all in the seat of your chariot with your reports. Rock and roll on!

  4. Bravissimo StephStrong! Wow – what an amazing couple days you just had ridin’ through the storm (Weather Channel “storm chasers”says it all)! I’m so happy to hear that you finally had a nice day. Enjoy the well deserved day off!

  5. 51 and done….like the rhyme like the time
    50 would be nifty but 51 and done is better
    good job on making the schedule ; swollen foot concerns me
    will be there soon to kiss the foot and make better Ha!
    and inject your foot with vodka-healing procedure common in Poland
    I may do an exorcism on your foot but that’s it

  6. This is so exciting to hear Steph. We have half the world rooting for you..sore foot, body and all..you will perservere.

    So what the hell are you going to do for an encore? C’mon, you have had over 3,000 miles to think about! Look forward to tipping a cold one with you very soon.
    Hang in there


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