3 day review

been a busy few days. let me bring you up to speed. 3 days ago kevin brown, tim jenkins, john mcclinden, greg smart, turner stephen, jamie cowie pulled out after lunch. i thank them for all their support. we rode into a hot afternoon and were joined by joel press. we finished in a baptist church parking lot, set up shop, and had a few cold ones. john benedetto, his friend chris, tom wiscomb, john olvany, and ken mctammany headed home.

2 days ago, the goal was to get to mississippi. my cousins kathy and margaret had joined us, and we were met by rollers and hot weather. we were also joined by jim colley, mark florian, and john palmer. the riding was fun, the pace slow. we had one scare when jenna weyman got clipped by a pickup truck. no serious injuries, but a front wheel and a helmet are on the sidelines. the end of the day lost the weymans back home, and john palmer back to new orleans. highlight of the day was lunch in the barn.

yesterday we started early. the rollers continued. the weather very nice, and the scenery beautiful. the roads are relatively empty. we were making good time, but ran into a dead-end bridge. it turned us back and put us in a detour, and we came up short of our goal for the day. we were joined in the afternoon by my friend david tenney.

update on timing: i am a solid day behind itenerary and would now push my finish date back at least one day. we are 20 miles out of vancleave. hope to get to alabama today, florida by wednesday, but again, losing time. estimated miles to completion: 620 miles.

be well, steph

7 thoughts on “3 day review

  1. Another day, another state! We Need More Cowbell! Just awesome! We look forward to being with you in Florida!

  2. It was great to be out there with you and the crew last Saturday, Steph! It is also great fun to meet and chat with the folks from rural Lousiana and Missisippi who we saw along the side of the road. I particularly liked the shirtless 70 year old man who was out at the end of his driveway getting his mail. He mentioned he’d had a role on the reality TV show, “Swamp Wedding”. When asked by a woman on the show how far out in the country he lived, he replied, “Lady, I live so far out in the country I take a pregnant horse to town so I’ll have a way to get back”…JP

  3. I read your updates religiously. Thanks for keeping us updated, wish we could be down there with you. Stay safe on the home stretch. Rob

  4. Have a safe rest of the ride, Steph! Didn’t get to meet you, but , ran into your buddies in Vancleave MS before a ride of my own ( much shorter than yours!). From the “Second Century” bike club of South Mississippi to you, God Bless!

  5. Hello Mark! I’m delighted to hear that David Tenney has joined the journey! I wish I could be with you all. You are an inspiration to me! Have David tell you the story of buying a boat for the day, hiring Mike Siepels, and barefoot waterskiing on Long Lake! I love the blog posts!

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