38 days, it is in sight

Saturday was like Christmas, I recieved 3 large boxes from my friends at The Lance Armstrong Foundation, we might be slow on the road, but we will look good.
I hope to get more photos up and we are starting to shoot some video and hope to post that as well. The stuff we are shooting is mainly training, but we have lots of ideas so stay tuned.
Training going well, tomorrow will be longest day in saddle, should be around 5 hours which is what we expect to average on trip. One issue we have is that the brace I wear to keep knees from crossing is not strong enough to straighten leg during pedal stroke, lossing lots of power.
People are starting to explore joining on the ride, so if it is on your radar screen, please take a look at “join the ride tab”
Thank you all for your support and please keep passing along the Challenge.
Be well,

3 thoughts on “38 days, it is in sight

  1. Mark, keep up the hard work. It will be great to see you in April. Great that a bunch of folks from SCC will be joining you on the Phoenix to Las Cruces leg. I look forward to joining you in Safford, AZ and riding the hills up to Silver City, then down to Las Cruces/El Paso.
    Hope you got in touch with the folks at the Glen for a presentation. ((I hope they made some donations as well).
    Take care, Mike

  2. Just to let you know your Website has now reached halfway around the world.
    You have a strong group of supporters here in Australia who believe what you have set out to achieve is truly amazing.


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