48 days till launch

Wow, time is flying, tons still to do, let me give you an update. First, my sincere thanks to those who have spread the word about our challenge and have donated to help The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, I am so excited to report that we met the $100k challenge grant, we still have lots to raise, but thanks to you we got a big 2 for 1.
We have picked up the rv/sag vehicle and it is in getting some minor service (flat screen tv) We have purchased an enclosed trailer for bikes and gear, the inside of the trailer will be built out and fitted to our needs. We are rounding up the bikes we are taking, we will have them tuned and ready for guest riders. We are working with the Challenged Athletes Foundation in San Diego to help send us off. We continue to recieve welcome feedback about our route, please keep that coming. We are making lists of all needed items and working with sponsors as needed. Training going fine, couple of hours is “ok” but i do get fatiged and that heavy leg feeling, a little worried about over training, may take a rest day today.
We are getting close.
Be well,

2 thoughts on “48 days till launch

  1. Will the RV have a recliner by the window where I can guard the “energy drinks” and monitor your progress? As I got on the bike at the gm today I noticed the warning sticker “If you feel pain contact your doctor”. Appearantly not ment for SCI persons. This would not be easy for anyone. Being a recovering SCI you knew this was, well, f’n hard. Keep up the great mental attitude, rest when the body screams at you, and have an extra energy drink!

  2. So happy to hear the good news about meeting the challenge grant. You are more than “on pace” with that and so many other things. When my Hawaiian-born nephew (SCI 1986 ) needed a break he’d put on some Marley and have a Sierra Nevada. Thank you for riding for him and for so many others.

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