A Real Role Model, By John Dolan

I, John Dolan have probably witnessed one of most amazing things of my life, that is heart and immense determination by none other than Mr. Stephan he overcomes things that I most likely would have failed at a long time ago. Mr. Stephan is a great role model and I really look up to him. But I look forward to riding with him tomorrow. Today was awesome because I got to bike with everybody and I wish I could bike all the way with him. What made it better was that everybody was so accepting I felt like I was family. I felt like the people in our group had known me forever. I really can’t wait for tomorrow!


P.S. This trip is totally worth my weekend and then some!

Chatting with John

Sprout Films- Sometimes the best chats are unplanned. Sometimes, you happen to have a camera rolling so you can share it with others. Here is a video of some shared words between myself and John during a Stephan Challenge ride in Austin.




3 thoughts on “A Real Role Model, By John Dolan

  1. Thank you for speaking from the heart, John, and thank you Katy for sharing wonderful thoughts from this awesome young man.

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