a couple of great days

yesterday was a great day, weather perfect, it was going to be lonely as we had said goodbye to all our fellow ridders. around 430pm kevin schrier and jay costly, buddies from home pulled up and we crossed the mississippi river with a police escort, our goal was to get northeast of baton rouge as big crowd coming in that night and we wanted a clear takeoff spot in the morning. we rode till 745, covered 54 for the day and made up for some lost ground.
big group in that night, lincoln did a great job of getting everyone ready, we motored out to our take off spot and 14 of us lifted off. no shoulder, heavy traffic, but that improved as we got to the country. we had a midmorning break at a watermellon stand, never tasted sweeter. weather hot and humid with heavy cloud cover. lite wind. lunch was under our tent, buffet stlye, new arrivals as we finished lunch and now 17 of us pushed out.
weather was dicey and lightning was close so we took cover, waited for a break and pulled out again. the rain came, i mean epic, we were riding into a firehose, had trouble keeping eyes open. some took cover, others road, i have never seen rain fall like this. lincoln had packed a few bikes in and pulled forward to cover the riders on the road. to make a long funny story short, tom wiscomb was left behind, driving rain storm, rural nowhere, no money, dying cell phone, wearing spandex when not a good place to wear spandex. we eventually got him…………..but you have to have him tell the story. dinner was a terrific cajun feast compliments of kevin brown.
my sincere thanks, everyone loved it.
we are still moving northeast trying to reconnect with our orginal route, hope to get there today, lots of miles to go.
be well,

11 thoughts on “a couple of great days

  1. Hey Mark, you are amazing, keep it up! I’ve been communicating with Jeff Goldblatt of WNBC-TV since we met him in San Antonio. He’s interested in doing a segment on the Stephan Challenge and will be in touch to coordinate. I’m pointing him to Lincoln but let me know how I can help at my end. See you soon!

  2. Wow Mark ! You never cease to amaze us. What a journey so far ! Stay safe and STEPHSTRONG ! xox Beth & Chris

  3. Hey Mark;
    Amazing! …how many souls are inspired by just one soul’s journey.

    Your RIC family is watching your progress and rallying for you every day. Your daily notes make us smile (and also sigh relief), and we are all so proud of you.
    We can touch your spirit and energy in your words.
    Beyond words…

    We love you! And Margaret too!
    joanne and the whole RIC team

  4. Steph-

    Coincidence you are ending your journey in St Augustine?

    St. Augustine of Hippo is the Patron Saint of Brewers because of his conversion from a former life of loose living, which included parties, entertainment, and worldly ambitions..
    Died: 430. Feastday: August 28

    I think NOT!


  5. Steph- your willpower, tenacity, and attitude are exceptional. Keep it up and go easy on the moonshine beer!

  6. Your.story gets better everyday! Looking at the gravel road on the levy- can only imagine how you felt the bumps! Go Steph! What great friends- you have made such an impression on so many lives.

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