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Started this morning with clear sky’s, the same headwind but we we hoping for a long mileage day. We got through downtown Pensacola with Mike’s expert navigation. The day was heating up but the cooling breeze of the ocean made it seem cooler. Just outside Pensacola is Pensacola bluffs a very steep rolling area, it was brutal, just when you thought it was going to be flat, it slaps you in face. We broke for lunch and were joined by my good friend peter heck. We did one more set of rollers, hit a flat busy street and rolled up some miles. We had a great bike path at end of day, called it at 530 with 50 miles down. The ride was very painful for me, my foot was killing me. To make a long story short it was back to the ER for an iv of antibiotics and pain meds. The foot has an infected pressure sore. It has not broken skin but is delicate. The ER people were very nice I have drugs to get in morning and we will push on. My friends Jon Lewin and Jeff Willian are in and I said goodbye to lead navigator. Mike Kerr.
Going to be late start tomorrow!
Be well,


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  1. Mark hang in there – you’ve almost made it! It’s been an incredible journey to follow from back home, inspirational to say the least. I hope the foot feels better today and that the wind is at your back. much love and strong vibes coming from the Scheyer family …

  2. Hey Steph,
    (Nice tan lines!!)
    It’s a long haul, eh? And, we are SO with you. What a great team you have, and we’send strength and support for a strong finish.
    Much love,

  3. Way to hang tough Steph, i have to admit you are making me feel kinda wimpy. Look out for those elderly drivers in Florida. Fortunately, my mom stopped driving so you are a little safer. Rob

  4. Your strength of character amaze us all. Just listen to your body and you will find the way. I wish you smooth sailing till the end. Sue

  5. Mark–we’re following the blog daily, and every day are overwhelmed by what you’re accomplishing and the lives you’re touching. Hang in there and take care of that foot. We’re crossing our fingers and toes for smooth roads, cloud cover, and tailwinds all the way to the end.

  6. I’m sorry i didn’t get to hook back up with you and crew. Sometimes life gets in the way of doing all the fun stuff. Iam so proud to have ben a small part of the journey. You and the team are truly inspirational and just good fun to be with. Great job you are my idol ( Lincoln too ).

  7. Mr. Stephan,
    This is an amazing story that is guaranteed to have an equally amazing ending. What you’ve seen from your bicycle seat is far more than most people have seen in a lifetime. Pure American spirit! Ride ON!!

  8. Mark, You are amazing and such an inspiration to everyone who knows – or even just knows about – you! We are sending lots of good ju-ju so that your foot heals quickly and you can finally stop being such a slacker and get back on that bike! !!! :-) LOL. Do you know any screenwriters? They should be writing a movie about you and your indomitable spirit. Stay strong! with love from Carol and Mark Dawley

  9. Steph,

    The good news- there’s only one guy I know who can finish the last 500 using just one leg.

    The bad news is- it’s you.

    Hang in there bud! We’re all wishing you downhills and tailwinds!

  10. Mark,
    You are truly an inspiration. Hope your ERI visit is brief and successful. The Force and our prayers be with you.

  11. Mark & the “Stephan Team”:

    It has been a pleasure following your progress — what a ride! — even for those
    of us merely experiencing it via the written word.

    Keep up the wonderful work! I hope your foot is feeling better.

    All the Best, Bill Gela

  12. Mark, it has been amazing to follow your ride and get updates from everyone who joins you along the way! Your almost there and hope you bounce back in the morning.

    All the best!!


  13. Mark,
    Your amazing journey is so close to completion – what a bummer to be back
    in ER! I know you will move on but good idea to get a little TLC before you do.
    Take care and I wish you only tailwinds til the end!

    Susan Schmitt

  14. What can I say….from meager beginnings up a flight of stairs…to climbing the Tower…to climbing the next year in an hour faster…to riding cross country….you truly are the MAN!!!!! Llet’s figure how we can take your attitude and drive, package it and give it to the world…everyone will benefit!!!!

    Much love to you and the team!


  15. Mark,
    You certainly know how to make a person feel lazy & unmotivated! Hang in there. August might be a lovely time for a family vacation; just not in Florida!
    Best wishes for the rest of your journey,
    Susan and family

  16. Hundreds and hundrrds of miles and now the foot decides to act up. Ain’t that the pits?
    But it’s almost over and I know you will be so happy and relieved and proud, as we will be happy and proud for you. Forgive me if I, sitting here comfortably at home, will be a tiny bit nostalgic when it’s done. It’s been an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime journey. Thank you for sharing

  17. I am so sorry to hear about your foot, but love your tan legs….take the meds! Congrats on being in FL…the finish line is in sight. Truly an amazing, thought -provoking and inspirational journey. Have really enjoyed reading all the journals. Atlantic here you come!

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