A tale of two cities

monday morning may 7th was one of the nicest riding mornings we had, we were in a quiet rural area, no cars, soft breeze, just good friends on a ride. we had a brief stent on i-10 before jumping on a frontage road, here we stopped for lunch and to say good bye to jim gilligan, peter dyke and dave falter, great friends and supporters.
mark osmond, bob weeks, katy and i headed on down road, we were trying to get as close to van horn tx as we could we were also waiting for two chicago friends, dale pelitier and steve ryan to arrive. we were doing a ton of climbing but it was slow even with tailwind, we had a few flats and sent oz back to check on new arrivals. this is were fun began, the rv was stuck in sand, the jack wasn’t working, the weather was getting dicey, it did not look good.

Sierra Blance was desolate, except for the ocassional golf-cart driveby

oz stayed back to wait on heavy jack to help lincoln, we went for cover in a dead town with nothing open, the weather hit, the rv was on its way, we loaded up, 1500 feet of climbing, 34 miles down. steve and dale were in, a late dinner was had.
tuesday morning was horrible, 56 degrees, the flag at hotel was flat out, the wind 35 miles an hour out of the east, right in our face. we climbed into rv and backtracked 37 miles, we unloaded and pushed off, it was stiffer than any headwind i head ever ridden into. the progress was slow and chilly, we lost katy and oz at lunch. dale, steve and i pushed on, besides steve almost bleeding to death battling bushes while going to bathroom we were nothng but cold. miles come slowly, we made it to van horn, 7 hours, 37 miles. weather still a mess, rest day tomorrow. (steve has bull)
be well,

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  1. nice work Steph et al, 37 miles in that headwind is intense… still would have preferred it to saying goodbye to the SC crew today. See you soon! – Katy

  2. Ouch! Sounds like the kind of West Texas weather you get in an old Sergio Leone western! Hope today it’s a little more friendly! JP

  3. While flying over you today (sort of) from Palm Springs to Fla, asked my fellow Texas seatmates to pull out all the stops 4 good weather & smooth sailing for you! The Stephan Challenge goodwill proliferates! Recruited some gr8 cajuns for the next state as well. So proud to share this incredible story, every chance we get.

  4. Steph – I guess Save and i picked a good day to leave. We miss being with you already. Hang tough, keep pedaling and relax in Austin….thanks for being an inspiration for all you know! – Dyke

  5. I have had days of strong headwinds before so I can sympathize with you. It’s like your trying to get up a horizontal wall. I’m glad to see that you survived the trek between El Paso and Van Horn. I’ve stopped in Van Horn quite a few times.

    A suggestion on a course correction. If there isn’t really a need for you to ride between Del Rio, Kerrville, and Austin, I’d suggest that you think about riding US 90 to San Antonio. This way you can avoid the Texas Hill Country. There are three small towns between De Rio and San Antonio and they are Bracketville, Uvalde, and Hondo.

    Between San Antonio and Austin, you can find frontage roads that parallel I-35 pretty well all the way. I’ve done this several times both ways on my past trips. The German village of New Braunfels is a good place to visit and stop in. Going this way between Del Rio and Austin might cut out up to 30 miles.

  6. Steph, Lincoln, and Maria,
    You are some kind of road team…The effort that each of you is contributing to keep pushing eastward is fabulous! The Stephan Challenge crew is cruising across the country like a well-oiled machine. To all of you I offer thanks for making the ride happen and for all the daily hard work that is being done keeping the show moving down the road. For those of you fortunate enough ride along, surfing the powerful wave of success as it is happening, you will never forget the giddy feeling of joy and camaraderie. No matter what the obstacle, it is awfully hard to keep a smile off one’s face as the day unfolds. Hopefully, scheduling allows me to rejoin the team as you continue to crush the Southern Tier. I miss it already.

    I would also like to thank Margaret, who is keeping the lid on the Chicago end of everything. Steph couldn’t do this without you being the foundation of the team. Christie and I hope we can plan a dinner with you, Parker, Barrett and Turner, as they are in town!

    Steph…glad to hear you were able to pass along the Bull!….Ole!!

    Again, thank you

  7. Mark, we love reading the blog updates and are excited to see you’re looking so strong. Power up!! Your LIFErs

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