the day was typical, head winds and rollers, we are a little behind and we had two goals today, making it to alabama and put 50 miles behind us. after a slow morning it started to flatten out and joel,david,hodge,margaret(cousin)and i started to make some ground. we rolled into alabama about 430pm on great pavement, called it quits at 6pm, had a beer to celebrate both a new state and margaret’s bday.
have a chance to make fla tomorrow but need flat pavement and tail winds.
be well,

8 thoughts on “Alabama!

  1. Steph, Linc, and Maria,
    We are just so happy for all of you that through all the travails that have been thrown your way, you have NEVER so much as wavered in your efforts in completing the Stephan Challenge. There have been many historical crossings of this country, but I think it might be difficult to find one more uplifting for so many! This chronicle of the passage has been an inspiration for every person that has had the opportunity to read, see, and almost feel the elements you have encountered. The trials of miles of good and bad roads, hills, spills and thrills of your journey, have kept each of us cheering you on. Since it seems as though you have had nothing but a head wind (so much for that west to east idea…),hopefully you will be getting a hint of the Atlantic soon!! … Tear the hell outta that Florida Pan-handle and cruise into St Augustine!!
    Very best,

  2. Congrats on making it to Alabama. Not to sure where you are in Alabama. There is a long bridge between Alabama Port to Dauphin Island. Make sure you time your arrival on the island to get to the ferry landing. It’s about 2 miles from the edge of the bridge to the ferry landing. From the ferry landing at Ft Morgan, it’s about 24 miles into Gulf Shores. No real resources between Ft Morgan and Gulf Shores. Fill up your water on either Dauphin Island or the ferry landing at Ft. Morgan. There is a bathhouse with water and depending on what time you get to Ft. Morgan there is a small snack shop. Hope that you have a lot of mosquito spray. On Perdido Key Blvd (AL 182), there is a great bike lane to ride along. The ride into Pensacola, FL is kind of tricky along FL 292. I think that I remember there are 5 bridges (a few high because of the Intercoastal Waterway).. Once you swing onto River RD, be very careful. Depending on what time of day you hit this area, there can be a lot of traffic and there are no shoulders so be very careful.

  3. Steph, looking forward to seeing you for the finish ! Also, stop in at the Flora-Bama bar on the border near Pensacola. It’s a legend for mullet tossing !

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