Almost Christmas and 116 days till we start

Steph here,
Just an update on training. Up to 75 minutes on trainer, that’s max for now, trying to watch for any skin break down.
No problems with skin or brace so keep on the 5x week on bike, then go to 2 a days in Jan. Goal is a 6 hour training ride 6 days in a row. Doing a clinical study with a muscle relaxer, just gets me tired but gives me access to locomate training which helps walking. Feedback on website has been positive and we will tighten the route as we get closer. Hope everyone has a great holiday season.

4 thoughts on “Almost Christmas and 116 days till we start

  1. Steph,
    Merry Christmas. Pulled the SC info from my old e-mail address. I have updated my contact information and look forward to updates. Awesome plan.

  2. Hello Mark! This is my first time visiting your website! I love Stephan Challenge and am looking at your schedule to see if I can connect with your journey. I hope you are well and got to enjoy time with your family during the Holidays. I hope to see you soon! Best wishes for much happiness in 2012!

  3. Hi Steph! What a great New Adventure! Andy, Bill and I are already discussing how to join you on at least one leg of the journey. We’re looking forward to it!

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