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Hello everyone or anybody……….
spent most of the day at the ric and it just reinforced to me how grateful i am that this place exists and my sincere thanks to you who support it. we a had a duplicate leg brace made and had it fitted. the pressure sore closed, lincoln is in san diego with the gear, just need new pair of shoes, toes still an issue. it is hard to believe we leave in 5 days, i am pretty fired up to get going, have some great friends riding me out the first few days, jason,paul,doug,chuck, hopefully my daughter puts in a few miles as well. a little rain in the forecast but we should be fine. the first day is almost all climbing which i suck at, hence our reluctance to get over our skis on planning. we get through the first two days we will have a pretty good picture on timing.
there are so many people to thank and we have not even started to ride, i look forward to highlighting many of them as we get going. for those in chicago i did a channel 7 interview today, should air first sunday in may, i was wearing a really nice jacket from our sponsor SRAM, hope it comes through.
RIC doing a little kick off for me tomorrow, clean up some lose ends thursday and out friday morning.
be well,

9 thoughts on “around the corner

  1. Goodluck Mark! You have a super team to help you, a fabulous family behind you and so many friends supporting you. I know it will be hard work and a demanding quest, but please enjoy the ride. Best of luck, Kim

  2. Steph,

    Tremendous work getting the Challenge launched. Little doubt the massive preparations will lead to a successful venture across our beautiful Southern states.
    So looking forward to joining you and the team in West Texas.
    Travel safely and Stay Thirsty!


  3. Mark – Jamie and I are thinking about you as the journey begins. You are incredible, absolutely awe-inspiring. Cheering you on from beginning to end!!

  4. Steph, you are the MAN! Off you go today and hope all goes well. Hope to ride with you after I get through graduations and weddings. Cheers and we are thinking of you.

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