Between El Centro & Brawley…The Place to Be

You know those days when you feel so content with where you are that your mind is calm and a smile takes up permanent residence on your face? As Steph, Paul, and I pedaled down old highway 80 towards Brawley, with Lincoln, Maria, and Alex cheering us on from the RV, that’s exactly how I felt.

There is nowhere else I’d rather be right now than on this adventure- in the hot California sun, on the bumpy pavement, fighting a headwind doing my best to draft off a recumbent bike. Because what lies before of all these things, is a group of people who are working together to accomplish an amazing feat, and having a hell of a good time in the process. But that is not the only reason I’m smiling… there is no other way to put it really- Steph just blows me away- 50 miles today… and not just 50 miles- FIFTY strong, consistent, smile on his face, telling stories, loving life, laughing when he discovered he’d rode 20 mins with the e-brake on MILES. And at the end of the day, when that odometer read 49.7, he took on a few circles around the RV and trailer to get that reading exactly to 50.0… and I was right there with him. There was nowhere else I’d rather be.

– Katy (the filmmaker)

Paul & Steph making their way to 50 miles


10 thoughts on “Between El Centro & Brawley…The Place to Be

  1. No one ever claimed Steph was the sharpest tool in the bag. Riding your bike with the brake on is a classic. Now I see the real value of your Miami U. education.

    The picture of the road where your riding reminds me of the terrain going into Houston Woods..

    Keep on peddling man, keep on peddling……… All the best.

  2. Keep up the GREAT work Mark! I love following you every day (almost like being there, but NOT)!!!!! Keep knocking off those 50 miles and you’ll soon be in Gainesville!!!!! See you there!

  3. Katy, great news regarding strength of Steph’s ride ! You and Paul are outstanding wing people. Regards to those in the tower also. Could not do this without the whole team ! Steph, be cool in all respects.

  4. Kate the Great! Sending you sunscreen & cowbells! What an awesome team you all are! We miss you and are with you every pedal of the way.

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