Buda Texas

sue, mike, chuck and i set out fully intending to ride into austin yesterday, weather was hot and windy and we were still dealing with the rollers. the real question is when is a roller a hill and a hill a mountain? because right know they are all mountains. we really had a great day, back country roads with chuck starting as lead navigator, then giving up those duties to sue, then finally mike and i just going where we felt was right direction……….(if you know what i mean)
we made a group call that with the temp. over 100 degrees to call in the mothership around 5pm. lincoln answered the call and picked us up in buda texas. we are resting today, the team is tired, we have kept up a brutel pace and will be slowing it down for a few days.
we are going to continue to try to work ahead of plan as we anticipate some weather days in gulf coast, so stay tuned here as to where we are going to be.
i am well into law and order this morning and then having lunch with an old friend from austin.
thank you for following the challenge and supporting the RIC.
be well,

10 thoughts on “Buda Texas

  1. Hello Steph — I am kind of relieved you are taking a break today. I’m following your blog and get mentally tired just keeping up with your rides. You are a person who is driven. I think that is great. You are in my thoughts daily, as you take on such a monumental task of riding across the country. I applaud your support team as well…..thank you for making me aware of your challenge and RIC. I had no idea……

  2. Steph, I have been trying the bike at the gym. Everything is a mountain to me. We know your strong, we know your tuff, be well my friend.

  3. Steph…great job so far. Have Lincoln or someone call Mellow Johnnys in Austin because there is a great route from Buda into Austin, all back roads and very smooth (512) 473-0222. Looking forward to riding with you in Louisiana!!!

  4. Mark, your journal entries are so entertaining –I love the photo of your gang on the Texas roads. Keep up your your rugged pace and suerte with the quest. Cheers Kim

  5. Steph, a group of riders from Southeast Texas would like to plan a Gumbo meal for your group when you spend the night in Silsbee. I see you have scheduled rest days in Austin. We are planning according to your original schedule, but we can modify if we need to. We may be able to get riders to escort part of the way on the 4th. My son Dyllon, is college student at Texas A&M, and is trying to arrange to ride from RoundTop to Navasota with your group.

    Let me know if our plans will work for your group.

  6. Mark, this time last year I had a cycling accident. Like you, the circumstances were pretty innocuous (my front wheel went down a drain cover). I went over the handle bars, landed on my head, and ended up with a C5, 6, 7 injury. A few weeks ago I got back on a bike for the first time – a short ride with my young kids. Your amazing achievements show that so much more – anything – is possible. You inspire me and others with or without this injury. Keep up the fantastic work. Enjoy the ride! Paul

  7. Mark: If your beloved Cubbies had your stamina, courage, and perseverance, they would certainly make the World Series. Perhaps, you might photograph some good road kill to inspire them. Keep up the great effort as you approach the half way mark and enjoy the Lone Star and Shiner beverages.

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