catching up

today is a rest day in deridder la. rv cleaned thanks to dale, trailer cleaned by lincoln, we ran hard for 8 straight days and are frayed. lincoln and i visted with local tv reporter, watched ourselves on 6 oclock news.
two days ago dale, dave, brad and i rolled out after our cajon dinner, lots of heat and the humidity is here to stay. we had a small town police escort through some busy areas and made great time, closing in on la.
yesterday was a long haul, we agreed to shoot for deridder, 60 hot miles away. nick weir was back for his second 1 day ride and off we went.
we left texas at 2pm, took photos and lost brad and dave to vernon, our great friend at the parking spot.
we had a very special treat as we rolled into deridder, new friends at the insurance co. amerisave greated us at their headquarters, we truely enjoyed the special treatment and removed the texas flag and put on mardi gras beads.
it is official we are in la.
we are going to detour south and will update itinerary.
be well,

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  1. Congrats on making it into Louisiana. I’ve stopped in DeRidder a few times during my cross country rides. I really hope that your ride is safer in this state than it was in Texas. Can’t wait to find out what your revised route is going to be across the state. You are getting closer and closer to your finish line in Florida. My two-wheeled steed is still resting waiting for my right knee to feel better. Praying for you.

  2. Mark and SC Crew-Congrats on leaving Texas!!! Looking forward to joining you next week and will wait to hear about the new itinerary so we can find you on the road.
    See you soon,
    Margaret and Kathy

  3. The story in The Tribune today on the front page of Chicagoland section was truly inspirational, as are all of you making this trek and pushing your way through horrible Southern (i.e. HOT) weather. Hope everyone is OK after the trip to the hospital and after the minor accident. People sometimes just don’t “look” or “see,” do they?

    We are praying that there are no further mishaps, dehydration or any other obstacles to keep you from reaching your goal. Keep up the great work!
    May and Ted Swan

  4. Greetings!!! Wanted to take a moment to say how much your story has touched my life. I stood in the parking lot with you yesterday at Amerisafe and was honored. You have come so far in your battle and I know that you have and will continue to be a great inspiration to not only myself but many many more. Good Luck, Safe Travels and God’s Blessing on you always. See you tomorrow as you once again visit Amerisafe to continue your journey.

  5. Steph,
    You are an absolute star!

    You were the headliner for today’s Chicago Tribune Chicagoland section, with John Huston’s article about the Stephan Challenge continuing through the entire top half of page 5.
    Incredibly inspirational – conquering the grueling trek, marshalling forces to attack the road, validating the successes of RIC, enthusiatically supported by family & friends, even testimonials from Peter Dyke & Ozzie.
    The article’s quote by Dr. David Chen from RIC is yet another great tribute – “Mark’s hard work and his intensity and his dedication to his recovery really took him to the next level…”

    If ever you are feeling lonely in your “Not-So-Easy Rider” quest, you have to appreciate how many Northerners are struggling to find ways to “join the ride.” The logistics have been a just a little challenging at this end, dumb little things like plane schedules & jobs & the like. Nevertheless, never for a moment should you underestimate how many of us enthusiastis are committed to supporting you all from afar – up here on the home front.

    Keep up the great work. We’re all rolling with you, and we’d all rather be rolling alongside you.


  6. Steph,

    It seems like just last week that you left Dog Beach in San Diego… and here you are rolling through Cajun country already! That blows my tiny mind. Glad to hear that you are getting some police protection.

    Remember amigo… There’s a place in the world for a gambler; there’s a burden that only he can bear. There’s a light in the depths of your darkness; there’s a calm at the eye of every storm. Let it shine; oh let it shine.


  7. Steph – we are all so proud of you and the Challenge. Tell us how Maria is, Stay cool and hydrated and listen to Lincoln! Your updates are a link to all of us that we look fwd to everyday. Know that your message of hope is resonating throughout the United States! 1000 likes, here we come!

    Stay safe and Stephstrong!


  8. Was in the crowd at Amerisafe in DeRidder, La…
    I’m sure there are no words to describe how it has felt to overcome the “you can’t and you won’t” speeches. You are truly and inspiration to EVERYBODY! I feel privilaged to have been a miniscule part of your journey!
    God speed and keep you safe.

  9. It was indeed an epic showing of Amerisafe employees in DeRidder today. Thanks for encouraging all of us to expect and demand more from our bodies. Today was an unforgettable 20 mile ride. Thanks for sharing it with me, Steph.

  10. Steph: Keep on truckin! Hope that Chris joins you soon and keeps up with you as he is a great lawyer but a lesser athlete. You continue to inspire us!

  11. “Adios” Texas and “Bonjour” Louisiana! I am sure you are happy to see that big bad state in your rearview mirror. Truly, everything was bigger – but not necessarily better – in Texas. I still can’t believe how far you have come, Steph & the whole crew. Hope the creole and southern hospitality of the deep south continues for you. Sending all of our love – and more muffins – your way. STAY STEPH STRONG! Oh, by the way, did you get a chance to visit Hippie Hollow in Austin?

  12. Congratulations Steph on crossing another border!!! Sounds like you have had some ups and downs, but are still going strong! I continue to think about you and your team often and have loved reading the adventures. Keep it up! I’m cheering you on from California and am praying for safe journeys for you!

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