Chicago Cubs!

We headed off to our launch intersection to meet my good friend Bruce lee who was riding with us today. The sky was spitting rain and the wind was blowing, rain forecasted for whole morning. Within 15 minutes we had jackets on and were headed east. This is by far the most urban riding of trip and mike miller was our chief navigator, he did a masterful job. We moved through a series of bike paths and lanes, dodging heavy rain, sleeping bums and other riders. We did add some extra distance but not too much.
Lincoln was battling hitch and trailer demons so we had a rental van for sag, just when it cought us off the trail the sky cleared. We had a late lunch and pressed on, the highlight was going by the Cubs spring traing facility . We all agreed that we could not find it if we were looking for it, so it was a great find. We had a bit of a tail wind and when we succumbed to the cold beer we had 45 miles under our belt.
We have about 10 miles of metra phx left and will start tomorrow at adobe and power roads. I say goodbye to Bruce lee but hope to have him back.
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7 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs!

  1. Too bad the Cubs weren’t around for you to catch a game! Glad to see the weather’s cooled off a little…JP

  2. Wow, what a change from the hot barren California desert isn’t it…. must be so amazing to see the changing landscape.

  3. TGIF, STEPH! And lucky number 13 – it is day 13 of your ride, and you are going strong – STEPHSTRONG. We are loving the blog and read it every day. Colin and Hunter hope to join you for part of the ride – and I want to send a care package. So all of the Halls are sending their love across the miles and raising a bottle in your honor, dear friend. Every day gets you closer to your goal – and hopefully every day gets a bit easier. LOVE and HUGS and CORONAS!

  4. Barrett played another great game last night for the Green team. He loves to hit the other squaud. almost scored a great goal. We beat GBN 6/1. Only one loss this spring. the team looks super and so does your son.
    Looks like you are making great progress. many people here are pulling for you. Keep the faith! hope to see you soon!!

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