Day 3_On the ROAD!


On the ROAD!! I finally have time to share a little bit about the first few days. We are loving life on the road! We had a huge and amazing turnout for the send off on
Sunday from Dog Beach.

We are now clawing our way through the challenging but satisfying coastal mountains that lie between the Pacific and the desert. A solid challenge for Mark right off the bat. We had a fantastic day of rolling hills yesterday and capped off the day with some appropriate Corona beers as we lie only a mile or two from the Mexican border. Mark has a smile ear to ear and you can see that he is happy as heck to be on the road and heading east.

We have had a massive amount of help thus far with Margaret Ann, Maria, Jimmy Black, Big Pauly P from NJ, Courtney, my mom, Alex aka “the Solution”, Jason C, and the Wisconsin contingency as well.  Katie and Zusanna are filming up a storm and adding immense value to our journey.

On a personal note this is by far one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part of and I am reaching out to all of you to please come and join for some time.  CALLING ALL OF MARKS FRIENDS-This is an immense journey and hands on the deck are needed to make it happen.

11 thoughts on “Day 3_On the ROAD!

  1. Steph/Lincoln… LOVE the updates! I am always eagerly waiting for the next blog post, and have one favor to ask if it’s possible. Can you reference your GPS coordinates with each post, so we can Google Map/Earth them and get a feel for exactly where you are? That would be tremendous!

    GO STEPH!!

  2. Mark and crew, sorry I could not be there on send off. I was on other coast running Boston Marathon. A tough day for many… I made it my own challenge having never done a marathon under such warm conditions. Nothing compared to your first day out I know. Keep it steady and strong and see you on the route!!

  3. Good job steph, I am glad that you conquering those hills.. Good luck @ God Bless
    I am so glad that I got to meet you and your crew.

  4. Anne sends her best wishes. She thinks of you every time the physical therapist pushes for a little more. We need to get her a little better and safely home, and then she plans to kick me out to join you. She thinks I am loafing. Be safe, Mead

  5. Keep beating up those hills (mountains) Steph as once you get to I-10, it is dead ass flat all the way to and through most of Arizona toi Phoenix. Go Blackhawks, Cubs, Bosox Bruins!

  6. My wife and I had the good fortune of getting involved via Chuck and Lynne gibbons.
    Many thanks to jimmy Black for his loco Knowledge on the first two days.

    But really, if you know Mark, Margaret and Lincoln, they could really use your help by being there along the way. There are many things people can do to make the challenge successful.

  7. Lincoln and the entire core support team are awesome and working incredibly hard. I can’t tell you how impressed we are with them, but more assistance for Steph’s success is a necessity. This is not called a CHALLENGE for no reason. Riders are, of course, excellent but non-riders can also assist greatly in helping with traffic control and safety, scouting the road ahead, procuring supplies, etc. Please consider your personal involvement along the way. Steph, Margaret, Lincoln and all of us will greatly appreciate it. Also, we gurantee you’ll love it and be part of something special. LET’S RIDE !

    Chuck and Lynne

  8. Love reading the posts – keep up the great work! We (4 of us) are hoping to join you all Camp Wood to Austin but if there is a stretch of the road where you think you need help, let us know, we are pretty flexible from May 20 – June 25. Away now til May 6 and will check how close you are to your schedule and make plans to join you sometime after that. Let us know if there is a lonely stretch where company is needed!

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