day one under our belt

First a quick recap…Wenesday the RIC hed a terrific event to help send us off, my thanks to all that made time to attend and support not just the RIC but our challenge.
We got to San Diego Friday afternoon to record cold and pouring rain, Saturday, no rain but chilly, we hooked up with Lincoln and crew, ran some last minute errends and prayed that it would warm up and the wind would die down. An early dinner and a glass of the grape and off to a restless sleep. Sunday morning was cloudless, no wind and warming up. Lincoln did a great job of staging our departure, my thanks to the Challenged Atheletes Foundation, the Miami University Alumni Association and the many friends who were able to join us.
We had about 30 people start off wih us, it was a great day, so clear and cool, but it was a bitch…….and I am so tired typing this I would not do it justice. We started at 9am, finished 530pm about 36 miles with a monster climb to get to the hotel. Everyone made it safely, a well deserved beer at the finish. hopefully more details tomorrow.
be well,

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  1. Great job Mark and all of the SC team!! It has to be exhilarating to have finally gotten on the road.
    You had said the first days would be very tough climbs away from the Pacific…I am sure that Bud (or 2) went down smoothly. See you in a few short weeks…travel safely.

  2. Having spent 20 years vacationing in Ca. I thought that the climb up the valley would be very challenging even for a non-handicapped person! You must be thrilled to be on your way at last. You are in our thoughts each day and look forward to reading your blog. Sharon and Peter

  3. Steph, Glad to hear you got that first day under your belt. Had to feel awesome after all the training and planning. We are thinking of you and pulling for you each day. Hoping today goes well.


  4. Mark,
    Glad that you’re off to a good, albeit tired, start! Thought about you all day yesterday. I will be following your progress every day and hope that you have a good journey. I think I know of a few angels who will be your wing men and ladies who will guide you safely! Best wishes – Katie

  5. Mark- We are ALL rooting for you! I’d love to come see you when you hit the last leg(s) of your trip here in Gainesville! When do you expect to be around this part of town????? You are a TRUE inspiration to ALL of us! :o) (Vern Francis’ Niece)

  6. Congratulations on making this first day! Your determination is an inspiration to much more than the spinal cord community. Press on for us all!!

  7. Yeah!!!!! On your way to Jacumba…..where you’ll stay at Jacumba hot springs. A few more days of climbing and then some fun downhill!!!

  8. Great news, Mark! you’ve already traveled so far, just to be prepared for this journey. We’re thinking of you every day.

  9. Wow! What a Day One to start your journey! Be safe, be strong, be well. We’ll be eagerly following your progress every day!

    Kendra and John

  10. Steph – it was great to see you yesterday! My whole family is in awe of your determination and spirit… and we are all following your progress every day. I know it’s not easy to update the blog after a grueling day on the bike, so we really appreciate any updates, even if it’s just a quick post to let everyone know how the latest leg went. We’re praying for you every day.


    ced and family

  11. Way to go, Steph! Know you were nervous but you must feel so much better getting Day 1 done. We are thinking of you all day every day – stay StephStrong!
    Love – The Halls

  12. Walden Road is cheering you on! You are an inspiration to all of us, Mark! We will be following you each and every day and wish you well. Truly amazing!!

    Anne and Fred

  13. We are all so happy that you are off and riding! We are so impressed and in general awe of you and the entire team! We’re glad we got the opportunity to hear of your determination and the all out effort and support the challenge. We are with you in heart and spirit all the way!

  14. You never cease to amaze us Mark! Sounds like you have made it through another grueling day, congrats! Following your every rotation :) Good luck and power through!

  15. Way to go Mark! We are thrilled the first day is behind you. Thinking of you and this truly inspiring experience. Congrats!
    Linda and Dave

  16. Mark, how wonderful for you to be underway. I look forward to riding with you in AZ and NM. We rode MS 150 in Sedona, AZ over the weekend. Record cold, wind snow and rain. It has to get better from here on. That has to be the last winter/spring storm. Keep up the faith. Ride easy, stay safe.

  17. Steph,
    We are riding with you in spirit and look forward to riding with you in person. Stay strong, be well.
    Gordon and Claudia

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