debbie kicking our butt

it was mead, my friend scott bondurant who joined us for the day and i starting out. what a day 8 inches of rain and sustained 25 mph headwinds, it came down in sheets, we could hardly see at times, add hills that were as steep as we have seen since san diego and that was just the morning. the afternoon brought a time change to eastern time, darker skies, and more of the same weather. we were joined by don miller and greg van schaack, they had dressed for he weather and jumped right in. the good news is rain and wind kept temp. down.
the storm was right on us and thunder and tornado warning brought us in at 36 miles. the storm is slow moving, going to be more of the same tomorrow.
we are inching to the end, my foot pressure sore opened, we took pictures and have talked to md, we will know more in am, keeping it dry.
be well,

10 thoughts on “debbie kicking our butt

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  2. Steph – Oh man… your foot, the hills & that Be-atch Debbie! Hopefully your foot will impove, the roads will flatten out, and the skies will clear, as you approach the Atlantic Ocean. Then you can do the “Stephan Shuffle!”

  3. Lots of obstacles rearing up right at the end. I wish I could have gotten down there. Kept on the weather sites Sunday and watched Debby just sit there and swirl, thinking Monday would me my break. Monday, Debby still there swriling and still showing lote of cancelled flights to Tallahassee. Tuesday, looks like Debby moved ever so slightly to the east to stay with you guys. Now thinking Gainesville, though other issues on my end. with you in spirit anyway. Be well–take care of the foot, RIC doesn’t care if you’re a few days late. be safe!

  4. Steph and fellow Challengers,

    It’s awfully hard to put experiencing the Challenge into words, although a large number of folks have done a fantastic job doing just that on the blog site.

    I’m humbled to have been able to participate in something as transcendant as the Challenge. Spending a day riding through the constant rain & headwinds of tropical storm Debbie, as well as climbing unexpected & unforgiving hills (Himalayan mountains for Steph) would normally be a pretty nasty ordeal. Instead, yesterday was a breeze. When riding with Steph, there is an empowering awareness that whatever nature might throw at us today, is nothing compared to what life has thrown at Steph.

    It’s also amazing how the Challenge instantly bonds those involved — I’ll always feel a kinship with Mead, Greg & Don, along with Lincoln, Maria, Alex and a little less directly with everyone that has participated along the way.

    What happened to Mark and how he has responded has a surreal and enlivening feel to it. Perhaps it is because we encounter so few truly transcendent experiences in our lives.

    Steph—I’m grateful to be your friend and indebted for the opportunity to have shared part of your journey by participating in the Challenge.

    You ‘da man,


    I’d like to post this as a “Guest Blog” but i’m too technologically challenged to figure out how…Lincoln—any help appreciated

  5. I predict one of those picture perfect weather days – the kind of weather you get for a day or 2 after a big storm has passed – as the day Steph gets when he rolls into St. Augustine….

  6. I remember a dinner with Scott B. and who is there but Mark – good memory. And I can’t believe that Don Miller can keep up. GO Mark we are with you.

  7. Rest your foot and get ready for the final push, Steph and team. You have braved broken bikes, bodies, and bedeviling weather. You have beaten bridges, bone-jarring gravel, and bad roads. You have pushed through mile upon mile upon mile., over 2,800 of them. What’s a little state of emergency declared in Florida in the wake of Big Bad Debby? Nothing, to you my friend. Just a little more challenge, a little more adventure, a little more beating the odds. But be safe and be healthy! Stay STEPHSTRONG!

  8. Amazing what you are achieving!
    Your blog has really been well done, by all the contributors.
    You all have my deepest admiration.

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