Del Rio Rocks by Tim Cawley

Waking up this morning back home, it’s hard not to keep thinking about the trip.  I’m sure that the guys who were there with us (Prager, Burton, Fasciano, Dooley and Werd) all feel  that same sense of disappointment that it had to come to an end, and yet a great sense of connection for having joined Mark on his ride.

Now is a great time for you to join the adventure (if you really are the impetuous, “master of your domain” type), because the logistics will never be easier,  the team could use some more fun-loving types – there are no guests until Friday – and the riding is sensational.  Del Rio, TX is home base all this week, and United flies there (bet you didn’t know that) via Houston.  And, the Del Rio Hampton Inn is actually very nice, although you won’t have as many stories as we did from Sanderson’s Budget Inn, e.g., the Hampton pool actually has water like every other pool.  (Here’s a nice picture of our Sanderson motel and pool.)

So, get online and make those reservations, either for this week or a future week.  I guarantee you will return home and be glad you did.

8 thoughts on “Del Rio Rocks by Tim Cawley

  1. Great post Tim! Chuck is packed already, for his flight on Saturday to SAT. I would also add that we non-riders have just as much fun! We support the team by running errands, locating food & libations, end-of-day welcome & celebrations, and ringing that cowbell! We need more cowbell! Chuck is solo on this leg, and I’m hoping to rejoin Steph Challenge in Cajun country. Go Steph Go! Lynne

  2. Hopefully, the next seven days of riding will be better than the last seven for you. Be glad that you’re not in the Arizona/ New Mexico desert right now. Saw on the news this morning that the high was going up to 104. According to, you’ll be having headwinds coming from the southeast when you turn eastward out of Del Rio but they should be 15 mph or lower. Praying for you.

  3. Steph, Maria, and Lincoln,
    Great to see the progress…keep turnin’m over and logging the miles!!
    Was that pool outside of the “Bates Motel”??? Special!
    I guess in that part of Texas, grazing room is more important than a cement pond!
    Hopefully the weather will improve shortly and you will ride with Westerly breezes the rest of the way across TX. Ride safely and swiftly…

  4. I’m staying at the Hampton Inn Del Rio for a business trip and have seen your RV and trailer the past two days. I saw the banner on the trailer and went out here to your website from my phone (initially) to take a peek. WOW! What a story! You all rock! Have a great ride!

  5. Happy to see the new bike flags actually worked – at least for a bit. Go Steph Go! Thinking of you every mile, every day. Love- The Hall’s

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