del rio

yesterday was rest day, it was simple.
law and order reruns
law and order reruns
law and order reruns
Today we backtracked the 53 miles to where we got weathered out. the morning was perfect, clear, cool, no wind. we started out into the rollers, made slow progress and ran into a team of geologists from the norweigen state oil company. we had met them a few days ago, they were very nice and we enjoyed our brief visits. the sun was getting higher, the temps climbed and when we finished our late lunch it was in the 90’s and headwinds returned. we pressed on and had that great feeling of rolling into the hotel lot, 53 miles and 1200 vertical feet behind us.
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  1. Every once in a while, I’d take a peek at your proposed route to see what comes next after reading your blog entries. It looked familiar in my mind and things finally clicked into place when I finished video the video on the home page. You’re following Adventure Cycling’s Southern Tier Route. I’ve never used the maps before because I couldn’t afford them. I’ve visited the A.C. headquarters in Missoula, Montana a couple of times and for a while my picture was up on the wall. You’ve just finished up Map #3 and there are 4 more maps to go to Saint Augustine. Good luck with Map #4 because it’s going to take right through Texas Hill country. Still think that US 90 to San Antonio and then the frontage roads along I-35 to Austin would be a easier route for you. Wish that I could meet you when you get closer to Baton Rouge but I’m not sure if I’ll be around. I’m hoping to be on the road real soon myself on two-wheels but I’ll be heading north up to the Upper Mid West and then east towards New England. Praying for you.

  2. SO glad to hear you all got some much needed rest as I know you all needed it!
    Missing you guys and sending positive vibes! Keep up the hard work and smiles!!

  3. Your photographer is doing a wonderful job. Feel like we are there. Am sure the terrain in tough but the countryside looks gorgeous. What a way to see the US!! We think of you daily and continue to cheer you along on this great adventure. J and B

  4. Hi Steph — John Marquardt and I are pumped up to see you tomorrow! Keep rolling and we’ll meet up somewhere west of the Brazos… Any chance we can expand the list of reruns to include Baywatch? F-Troop? Mr. Ed? Hogan’s Heroes? xxoo, Mikey

  5. I’m in Columbus, Ohio waiting on a flight home.

    “pedal on ,pedal on , pedal on for miles,
    Pedal on ”


  6. You are inspiring me as I begin planning my own cross country ride for 2014. I just joined Adventure Cycling and am learning a lot already. Best of luck to you Stephan and everyone on your team. You are really eating up the road!

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