DeRidder hospitality

our rest day ended with a dinner hosted by our friends at amerisafe, our team was graciously presented the key to the city by the mayor of deridder.
it was a very special evening and our thanks to our host alan bradley and our friend john potter who put us together. we were joined during the evening by colin hall and his son hunter.
this morning brought us back to amerisafe headquarters to start where we left off, all 200 plus employees were there to see us off and after a prayer we were lead out of town by a police escort, we were humbled by their hospitality.
we are taking a detour to breaux bridge la. to meet our friends at the today show, we will met them on the 11th.
we rolled south then turned east, weather threatening, we did a solid 40 miles and picked up. we are staying in eunice and will ride here tomorrow.
my son parker joined us and more friends expected tonight.
be well,

6 thoughts on “DeRidder hospitality

  1. “Laisse le bon temps rouler” as the song (and Mardi Gras revelers) say . . . Let the good times roll, Stephan Challenge! Hope Cajun country is the place of strong legs, good weather, and grand memories. Or if you prefer a little CCR, the other song that is stuck in my head as I think of you all is Born on the Bayou. Sending “STEPH STRONG” wishes and Big Noise from Winnetka (another song!).

  2. Stephen, etc. al.
    Thanks for inspiring DeRidder! We were blessed. What courage, determination, and intestinal fortitude. Makes going to work with a backache seem a little less challenging! As I said in my prayer, “As you go your way, may God go with you. May He go before you to show you the way, behind you to encourage you, beside you to befriend you, above you to watch over you, and within you to give you peace, strength, and courage sufficient for the day.

  3. I hope you enjoyed your stay in DeRidder. I was honored to be a part of your stay here and your stop at Amerisafe. Enjoy the beads and flag! I will follow your blogs until you are safely back home. Take Care and God Bless!

    Your Friend, Ruth

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