down to 86 days……..

It has been a busy couple of weeks, let me bring you up to speed as to what has been going on, Lincoln busy in Ca. with class, me is Chicago. As I write this I am reminded of how lucky I am, went to a friends funeral yesterday, he died way to young, it puts a lot in perspective.
Training is clearly turned up a notch and with my friends at VQ we continue to generate more wattage, 90 minutes on bike is comfortable, bladder and hydration still an issue.
First of two lengthy MD visits done, am in good health except for the obvious disability. Next MD meeting will be a team meeting with Lincoln and Maria, my caregiver to walk through any potential situations that might come up.
Fundraising is going well, my sincere thanks to those who have given and please continue to pass along our challenge.
I continue to reach out to potential sponsors, great support from the ones we note on website, hope to add others soon. Anyone with any thoughts on that chime in.
It is really snowing out and I am sure there are frustrated people in cars, people at airports, their lives are hugely inconvenienced, they are so frustrated they are beside themselves, this is how people with disabilites live every day. I am off the soap box, just venting a bit. time for a beer.

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  1. Hey man I met ya at the tower climb idk if yu remember me Im a 19 yr old wit a sci. Thought I’d give ya a shoutout and wish ya best of luck on your journey I’ll be following you every step of the way.!

    P.s. I chuckled at the end when you said time for a beer

  2. Steph,
    You never cease to amaze me with your determination and grit. Know that I will be following your odyssey and cheering you on to success. Interestingly enough I bought a trike this fall and have been using it on a trainer during the winter. Every time I feel like not riding I think of you and the time you are putting in on your trike. Your resolve to ride cross country spurs me to get on my trike and ride. Good luck with your endeavor. I will be with you in spirit.

  3. Way to go Mark! Sounds like you haven’t lost a beat when it comes to GOING BIG! I bet that beer was a Budweiser! Keep up the “Stephstrong”. As you say I say… Be well.

  4. Steph,

    The “Challengeā€ is coming together magnificently!
    The training, sponsors, team, are all guns a-blazing!
    We are hopeful of joining you for a few hundred miles of warm west Texas road
    I think they have cold “Buds” there!!
    Keep inspiring all of us!!

  5. I am going to do my best to be in San Diego for the send off and I have alerted many friends who live on or close to the route. Joe Lapine and his now wife Kathy (Tuscany, and my college roomate , you remember him) are also going to come. You amaze me my man! I’m thinking of you every day!

  6. Mark,
    You might not recognize who I am when you see my name. I am Tao’s wife. We will join you in May for the cross-America ride. You are my hero. I told my children and friends about you and I believe that they have a better understanding of the words “impossible, hope, determination….”. Xiaomei p.s. the name sounds “Shaw-may”,

    • Xiaomei,
      of course i recognize you, we met at the Convisor’s. Thank you for your gracious comments and support, I have enjoyed getting to know Tau and look forward to riding in May.

  7. 90 min! Reflect on the journey from the start, 5 min only, to today. Remember the past achievements (the smallest are important) to fuel the effort to start going when you need that push.

    I hope you are having a good quality beer :>)


  8. Steph,
    Joe Mama was the catalyst for stoking up the fires and I’m glad he did so. You are an inspiration to us all and we send our best wishes and support. Be strong, be well, and be tough as you journey the endless highway. We are with you my man!
    Best always,


  9. Mark,

    I just heard about your situation and quest thru a hockey buddy (Steve Norehad). Between NTE, Miami U and Bissell Street, our lives seem to keep intersecting. I am truly amazed at the inner strength and conviction you demonstrate and wish you great success on this journey. Stay strong! Dave

  10. This is such a joy for me to see you so active and doing this wonderful challenge. “You have come a long way baby!” I am not in Chicago anymore but spent many days with you when you were an inpatient. It is with great honor that support you in this wonderful endeavor. Good luck, I know that whatever you set as a goal you will achieve.


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