easy in austin

we slept in and had a late breakfast. we said goodbye to mike and sue rushmore and chuck gibbons, partners and friends in the challenge pre san antonio. our friends the arnolds pulled in the lot and got them fitted up.
our goal today was to ride to lance armstrong’s bike store mello johnies.
it was hot and windy, but we arrived safe and in good spirits, some serous shopping, smoothy and pictures were had. we said our good byes to the eiler’s lee’s and drogin’s what a great 24 hour visit. the arnold’s and stephan’s rode around austin, seeing the capital, football stadium and other landmarks. we are going small distance the next few days, resting mon.
thank you for keeping an eye on us.
be well,

7 thoughts on “easy in austin

  1. Congratulations on making it to Austin. You’re halfway across the country. You don’t have that far to ride to Louisiana. In my rides across Louisiana, I haven’t run across any chip seal so your ride will be a lot easier. If I remember correctly, you are going to have some hills between St Francisville and the Mississippi State Line. These should be the only hills that you will have the rest of the way to St. Augustine. Praying for you.

  2. An honor to have spent a few days riding with you Steph! You are truly amazing and an inspiration to all of us. Great to meet some of your friends – amazing all the connections we discovered – the world is a small place with you at the center!
    Anyone out there thinking of joining up along the way – just do it! Really fun times and gives you quite a buzz to be a small part of something so big and so special. Special thanks to Lincoln and Maria – you guys are incredible – not only making sure things go smoothly for Steph but taking care of all as “tag-alongers” as well.
    Steph, thanks again for giving all of us the opportunity to join in along the way. Keep strong on the second half – you sure are looking good at the halfway point! Wish we could be there for the finish but know that we will be there in spirit!


  3. Mark,

    Reading your blogs is the highlight of most of my days (sad, I know, but true). It’s just so much fun to read about your rides. Here’s hoping the wind is always at your back and the “hydration cooler” is never out of reach. Can you believe you’re half-way there?!!

    Best, Mack and Mary

  4. You all look like you are doing an awesome job!
    Mark told me he heard lots of details from his bike friends who met you a few weeks ago. Sorry we could not be there. Best to all!

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