Fast and Windy

we left lordsberg nm and backtracked the 18 miles west i needed to cover. it was 57 degrees so for the first time we had wind jackets on. we had a long downhill, it was great! all the way into town. we then jumped on the i-10 to demming nm, the interstate was not bad, wide shoulder and a tailwind.
we pushed on to a late lunch and then the wind started to howl, right on our backs, although it had gotted hot and we had 4 flat tires, we were really clicking off miles. when i turned into hotel, we had covered 82 miles. big day. my friend bob weeks got in last night and a few more friends tonight. we push on!
be well,

submitted fri. am

9 thoughts on “Fast and Windy

  1. We need more cowbell!! Awesome! Love this welcome mat into NM! Say, is this the weekend the television piece about Mark & the Stephan Challenge airs in Chicago?

  2. Steph – Can you toss out a spinnaker?

    Pomf – Watch out – Riley Girl is looking for you in Kerrville.

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