Father’s Day by Colin Hall

I can’t think of a better couple of images for a Father’s Day blog than these (photos and text by Colin Hall):

Parker Stephan joined the ride in Eunice, Louisiana.








I took this picture somewhere on the 190 East Acadiana Trail.  Father and son riding side-by-side tackling the miles together.











Here’s a shot of riders including Lincoln, Andrea, my son Hunter (14), Steph, me and Dale.








Hunter has torn his right ACL 2x since age 10 and Steph has been his physical therapy inspiration.  Having Hunter join me on the ride was a PT goal.  Thanks Mark for all that you do!

5 thoughts on “Father’s Day by Colin Hall

  1. I see you might be in the Baton Rouge area. Congrats. Don’t know how you are going to get across the Mississippi River. The US 190 bridge (H. Long Bridge) is a dangerous bridge. Narrow two lanes of traffic, no shoulder, with a railroad in the middle of the two lanes. Always had to get a ride across the bridge. Will you be heading up to New Roads and then to St Francisville to get the ferry? LA 1 to New Roads is about 20 miles west of Baton Rouge. Anyway, I’ll be watching the tv news to see if they have something about your visit to the Capitol City area. Good luck the rest of the way. Still praying for you.

  2. I have been surrounded by outstanding men my entire life and proud you among them. Thinking of you as you trail across the USA. Hats off to you, your team, and the other outstanding Father’s that have joined you along the way. Happy Father’s Day!

  3. Happy Fathers Day Steph.
    The memories of being honored to ride along side of you are fresh in my mind and will not subside for quite a while. You endure more than any of us could imagine yet, humbly, you try to make all of us feel comfortable. Keep the pace. That smell in the air is salt and you are closing in on an amazing finish of a remarkable effort and accomplishment. We are all cheering you on and in awe. Bring on Florida. KJB

  4. I am tired just reading the blogs – you all are putting all of us homebodies to shame, for sure. And just want to say that that photo in the ER shows some pretty awesome tan lines….gotten the good old-fashioned way, no sissy tanning booths! Good luck in these last few days and get to the finish line in style. Cheers to all –

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