florida! here we are

left the hotel a little later this morning, mike, tom, louise and i pushed off from where the ferry had dropped us in fort morgan al. the morning started tough with a stiff headwind, the scenary was great, but we were not getting far. after lunch things got worse……..one of the only things that can shut us down happened, my leg brace broke, we had a spare but a stripped screw made it ineffective. we do what we do on this trip, we let lincoln figure out a way to couble one brace from the two. we know have a frankinbike and a frankinbrace, but wear and tear is starting to show on our equipment and our bodies, we need to hang on.
the afternoon brought cooler temps and lighter winds, we had a bike lane and sailed into florida, we put in 40 miles and are 16 miles out of pensacola. we say goodbye to the flickenger’s but my friends the myniers arrived to join mike to get me another leg.
thank you for keeping an eye on us and for supporting the RIC.
be well,

17 thoughts on “florida! here we are

  1. Welcome to the Sunshine state Steph . I have complete faith in Linc to cobble together the equipment. Not to find Buda Texas but that’s another story . Keep eating the elephant one bite ay a time.You are down the trunk and ears the best part. I’ll see you around Gainesville to bring this train home. We love you MAN !

    Chuck and Lynne

    Ps more cowbell

  2. 500 to go- you can do that in your sleep! The barn is just up ahead, Mr. Ed….you got it! Be safe and enjoy the last few days, can’t wait to see you finish!

  3. Go Steph Go! You are in the homestretch, and we are in awe! Hope the frankenbike and frankenbrace are as strong as you are – STEPHSTRONG!

  4. Go Steph! I read your blog religiously and am so inspired by your accomplishments on this journey. Your spirit is tremendous!

  5. What an amazing journey, Steph! We will have the entire Tree of Life Board together at RIC today and we will be sending you lots of warm wishes for health and strength to get you and the team (Franken-bike, Franken-brace, and all!) safely home. We are so inspired by your deep friendship and extraordinary tenacity. Be well.

  6. Congrats that you made it into Florida. I hope that the possible tropical depression might not cause you any problems. Since you are going to be paralleling I-10 most of the way across Florida, have you ever thought about following I-10 clear across the country through Lake City and then on to Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach instead of turning southwest to Gainesville and then head east to St Augustine. A1A between Jacksonville Beach to St. Augustine and the ride would be right down the Atlantic Ocean. You would be riding between the Intercoastal Waterway and the ocean. It would be a nice 29 mile ride to finish your trip across the country.

  7. Its was awesome to have meet you guys here in Pensacola. Totally an amazing story. I am soo happy to have stop. I was the one wearing the Chicago Marathon Cap. Remember? I am totally sharing this story on Facebook and get everyone I know to get involve on this miraculous story. It had made my year!!! Anything is possible with an enable attitude. My best wishes and prayers to all of you being part of this adventure. Stay Safe! Anjel

  8. There’s only one word for your journey, Mark, and that is “incredible.” I hope the equipment geniuses solve the current problems, and that you sail through Florida to St. Augustine. May all the forces be with you as you enter the last leg of this incredible journey. Hope RIC is benefiting significantly from your journey.

  9. You go, Mark! What a great story about you and the woman with the special needs child in the small town yesterday! You are an inspiration to so many! Keep it up! I hope Tenney is keeping up!

  10. Pete said it best when he wrote about the barn and Mr. Ed. You’re not the typical, horse, of course. Never have been. Thanks for pulling us all forward.

  11. Steph~Blackwell’s keep following you along the journey. Chance breakfast in Arizona, Jessica was in New Orleans on KUC Mission Trip as you rode through Louisiana and now we are in Orlando for Emily’s AAU Volleyball Tourney. Look forward to all meeting back in Winnetka. Travel safe and finish strong.

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