getting close!

time is flying by, lots of moving parts, here is a quick update.
my sincere appreciation for all those who are supporting the challenge, i really want to thank our friends at SRAM, they have given freely of time,parts and support, it has made a huge difference in our preperation and we are truely grateful.
For those not in chicago, our weather has been outstanding!.
i have ridden outside a number of recent days, what a difference, outside is an attack on the senses, what a great feeling, wind, smells, other riders. we have focused on climbing, so we go to tower road beach, ride up, fly down.
i am slow but seem to get to the top. still trying to stay with 6 days a week on bike, we have some issues with bike and leg motion but working on solution.
Lincoln has been busy tricking out our trailer (going to look cool)tuning guest bikes, gathering supplies and finishing RV.
We are going to be drilling down logistics and getting that posted.
i was at RIC with my friend Bob Weeks (chief technology guru), we had brought bike and brace for a tune up. the hallways and elevators were full of people in wheel chairs,missing limbs and assorted state of disability many severe. Bob helped me into car and commented how being in the hospital, seeing what goes on, the quality of people, the technology really brings what the challenge is, into focus.
thank you all for your support.
be well,

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  1. Mark, I am going to do my best to be on San Diego on the April 15. Have you determined the exact spot where you will start?

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