Good bye California

we decieded to ride easy as this was supposed to be a rest day and we have a long ways to go………so we put 25 hot miles in the bank, would have been more but i will tell that story another time. we crossed the colorado river which was very unimpressive and into Arizona, i was very excited and texted my wife margaret and she reminded me i have 8 states to go, still it felt good. going to rest on tuesday and get to phx wen. or thur.
my good friend paul left today, he has been beyond helpful and we hope he catches up with us in a few weeks.
Jake my buddy from minn. arrived to supervise me for a few days and arrives with road rash and stitches from a bike crash this morning, we are going to celebrate with a bottle of peter michael and pizza hut.
still hot but cooler weather ahead.
thank you all for supporting our challenge.
be well,

11 thoughts on “Good bye California

  1. Congrats on making it to Arizona. 1 state down. 8 to go. I haven’t cycled much of your planned route through Arizona. Most of my rides across the Southwestern desert have been along the I-10 corridor. I hope that the mesquite thorns will not be too much of a problem for you. They are small, sharp, and black so you’ll not be able to visually avoid them.

  2. Steph! Hello and Congratulations on making it to Arizona. Since I can’t be there I’ve asked my sister to be a surrogate me and show you some support when you are in Phoenix. Is there a way for her to find out where you are?

    Much love from Chicago.

    Kristan Leech

  3. Mark – Really impressive progress. Glad to see your sense of humor pressing through the desert heat. Your presence was missed at the year-end paddle banquet, but your achievements noted. I know some have mentioned an interest in tracking your GPS route. Check out an App called MapMyRUN (works for biking too). Download to your iPhone/Android/Blackberry, start it up on your ride and it uses the GPS sensor in your phone to track your progress. and stats Afterward you can share it on the MapMyRUN site with keywords as well as sharing on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, and other channels.

  4. Steph –

    Outstanding progress – see ya later CA and welcome to AZ!!!
    Excellent hydration with Peter Michael – he is a great guy . . .

    Way to go, Steph!


  5. Keep it rolling, Steph. Amazed that you’ve already knocked a state off, too. As far as I can tell, your house here is still standing,. No signs of smoke that I’ve seen yet.

  6. Jake arriving with road rash and stitches! Why is this not surprising? Perhaps you should be supervising him instead of the other way around. Having ridden many thousands of miles with him all I can say is he suffers from overconfidence. I’m enjoying the blog immensely. Stay thirsty my friends!

  7. Steph Strong,,, Mark it was a great week you are simply amazing.. It’s funny that me the perfectly healthy one is tried and needs a break but it does not surprise me when it comes to you Mark. I also want to Thank a few people first Margret for your unconditional love in allowing my buddy Mark to still be Mark and show the world how truly special he is I know how you worry. Next “take it all in stride Lincoln you have no idea what the challenge and problems he faces everyday to keep things going. But he does it with a smile and makes it look easy. Then there is Alex ” the solution” who no matter what the issue or problem he comes up the the fix. ( check out Mark’s shade cover on his bike). Lastly there is Maria ” God’s Angel on earth”. She is Mark’s care giver 24-7 and keeps Mark going.. Take it from someone who rode with this dream team for the first week and can’t wait to get back. Do yourself a favor and make it happen find the time and join Mark in person on his adventure.. No excuses, make the time.. And if Mark can do it so can you.. I promise you it will be one of the best things you ever have done. Just ask anyone who has been there. You don’t have to know Mark or even like biking.. It just a incredible life experience … Hope to see you on the ride. And always be Steph Strong

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