Great start ends in ER

The paramedics were really nice, the hospital er a little busy, but it was a saturday night, we got back to hotel 530am today, was a long night. but lets start with sat. morning. we had a great crew, 18 riders total, our friends the dolans, schmidts, arnolds from home were joined by my good friends from goldman days, paul pomfret (3rd apperence), marta cotton, craig ubele, julie and amber smith as well as kathy button bell and her great friend and defacto austin host jim.
we were slow getting out of gate, but got everyone fitted up and off to mello johnies for a few more bikes. our direction out of austin is east, jim and paul safely navigating us through the city, just out of town, lots of hills and the day was getting hot, we knew we were going short but hydration going to be critical. we got 10 miles out of town, saw the biggest dead snake of trip, nearly lost george arnold to a front end of car and margaret walking a flatted bike to mellow johnies found us out on road with new bike. we turned it back, with a refeul stop at mcdonalds and we all safely made it home. dinner was great local barbeque place, we were big group, but all sat together. i left the restaurant and was waiting for a cab, there had to be a 100 people waiting to get in and i was feeling a little weak and then a wave of nausea hit, i will spare you the details but the line thinned out………..we got back to hotel and the waves kept coming and we knew we had a problem. a call to security and the paramedics arrived, they got the first of 3 iv’s started and we headed to er. it was a long night, the docs thought dehydration coupled with a lower gi infection.
i do not remember feeling that bad ever. today, still a little off, resting up. anxious to get moving again, another rest day monday, and then we head eastbound, time for 2nd half.
thank you for keeping an eye on us.
be well,

Steph gets the help he needs from the Paramedic, pre-ER

16 thoughts on “Great start ends in ER

  1. Don’t worry, GEO sometimes has that effect on me too!
    ps were schmitt’s jokes funny? And clean?

  2. So sorry to hear about the ER episode. Take it easy Mark. Thinking ofnyou and the crew every day. Steph Rest =Steph Stronger

  3. Sounds like a big crowd of supporters are there with you – so hope you all are feeling the love and enjoying every second of the Stephan Challenge. Take care of yourself, Steph. No more trips to the ER. You have been listening to your body and also demanding a lot of it. STAY STEPH STRONG! We love you and are thinking of you every mile, every day. Hugs – the Halls

  4. Can’t believe you reached the 1/2 way mark this week – wooooooooo hooooooooo!!!! Happy Memorial Day, Steph & SC crew. Next year, I am imagining you cruising down Elm Street at the head of the Winnetka Memorial Day parade, with a lot of your biking buddies along side for the ride. You deserve a big parade, my friend.

  5. Geeze, Mark, my heart dropped into my stomach and I think I felt close to how you did waiting to get into the taxi! SO, thankful you are OK. Take it somewhat easy, please, although I know that’s hard for you! HUGEUGE hugs your way! Stay safe and hydrated!

  6. Hi Steph — that’s a real bummer about the rough BBQ episode. I’m glad you’re on the mend — maybe next time we can see if “The Oasis” will deliver from Uvalde, TX… Get strong and good luck when back on the road. xxoo, the Carothers

  7. Hope you took a nice rest day today and skipped the Austin triathalon. Seriously, glad to hear you’re on the upswing. Sounds like you took three bites of the elephant on Saturday. Do not stay thirsty my friend

    Chuck and Lynne

  8. OUCH, Yuk, Crud, #*%!?$&$?@*^, You must have had some bad LETUS!!! I hate to say I know how you felt, but, arn’t you glad it happened in a civilized place? Nothing worse than having to do all that over some rotton log in the middle of the wilderness. YUCK. Glad you are feeling better. Stay strong, and remember that you will dehydrate very quickly under those hot humid conditions. Remember to have someone reminde you to drink. It is easy to forget, then it can be too late. But you know all that. Now DRINK!!!

  9. Mark, I hope you are well my friend. I have definitely seen you at your worst, I hope it wasn’t worse than that night! You’re doing great, I can’t tell you how proud all of us at RIC are of you and how grateful we are for your faith and perseverence. Keep up the good work and let the good times roll!

  10. It was amazing to meet you and your wife! You are such an inspiration to everyone’s path you cross. I’m so happy to hear you were back on the road after a couple days of rest and now past the halfway mark! Keep up the hard work and stay hydrated! :D

  11. Jeez Mark you have to keep the drama coming!! You are amazing in your perserverance despite the tough conditions. Keep up the great work. Cheers Kim

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