groundhog day

we started early this morning, shelly friedstein, john mcclinden makeing a second apperance and rob donley met us on the road. we had a long climb yesterday and were expecting a long decent, we cold not been more wrong.
after a 1/2 mile decent we started a 12 mile climb through a senic canyon, it was rough, every turn we thought it was over, but it never seemed to end.
7% grade, another corner, another climb. we had a few situations, paul was forced to disarm a bat wielding attacker who took exception to our ride, paul handled it and we were on our way with a police escort.
we finally got our decent but we were fried and after 7 hours on the bike, 5 climbing, we called a beer break in globe az. had to be one of our toughest days. tomorrow we lose paul, scott,peter and alex all partners in this adventure, special thanks to alex who has been with us since the begining, we will mise his posiive attitude and problem solving sklls.
be well,

4 thoughts on “groundhog day

  1. Steph,

    I hate bat wielding attackers. He (or she?) probably never learned how to hit a screwball… so just became one. Glad to hear that Paul “handled” it (and would like to see the YouTube clip of that if you have it)!

    The day-long climb sounds pretty rough, but that just means the descent will be even longer and faster, and you’ll be in New Mexico before you know it! I hear that most of the attackers there are packing southwestern art and jewelry… so you might end up with a nice turquoise ring after the melee.

    Stay positive… we’re all in awe of your spirit and perseverance. Go Steph!


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