Head winds into Hondo

we got up early and headed next store for the breakfast special, 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 things that looked like sausage for $2.99 and all the country music u could stand. we were on the bikes and rolling, we had 10 miles of good pavement before the chip seal. riding with mike and john is like an amusement ride coupled with national geographic. i think they had a 99% hit rate in getting trucks to honk and one bni train whistle that was really loud. we learned about all the birds and wildlife, we played, name that roadkill. at lunch my friend chuck gibbons from fla caught us and after a quick change we were 4 on the road. the news said winds were 15 gusting to 20, they were a steady 40 gusting to 60, no doubt. we pressed on and rolled into honho best western 43 tough miles under our belt. lincoln had beers chilling and pool out.
be well,

7 thoughts on “Head winds into Hondo

  1. Go Steph Go! Neither Texas chip seal, winds or pancakes & sausage can stop you! Lookin fwd to Mem Day w/e!

  2. Damn the chip seal and keep up the effort. Look forward to joining you as soon as we can. we are with you in spirit. Your inspiration is felt by us all. Good luck. KJB

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