we left in the morning a little early, the goal ws to beat some of the persistent headwinds that we have encountered.
they are a steady 15 mph out of the east and have been slowing us down and burning energy. the winds were early as well,but it does keep it cooler as we had no cloud cover. you can really smell the gulf as you get close and it was really nice riding, good pavement as we watch the gulls dive for food. a late lunch and then some of the toughest riding of the trip. the 12 miles to douphine island over the 10 mile bridge. we caught the ferry to fort morgan and were met by tom and louise flickenger who will start with us this morning.
we say good bye to joel press, margaret tumas, david tenney and jim colley. my sincere thanks for their humor and good cheer over a tough stretch.
we will be in florida by the end of today.
be well,

5 thoughts on “headwinds

  1. excellent Steph. Looks like i will be meeting up with you then in Defuniak Springs – coincidentally, i believe those are the same Springs i have in my mattress :) Stay strong and COOL!

  2. Keep it up Steph. If I were not so aged I would love to do a day or two with you but you are entering Republican country and I would fear for my safety. You are remarkable for a Republican!

  3. Seven states down — one to go!!! Unbelievable!!!! Your strength, determination and perseverance continue to amaze. Stay safe and stay strong for the final push. We continue to cheer you on. B and J

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