Heat & Storms by Colin Hall

Wow.  It’s hot in Louisiana and that’s an understatement!!!

Here’s a shot of Steph’s Garmin showing the temperature at 104.8 degrees.  Keep in mind Steph rides closer to the road in his recumbent position so his body and head are much closer to the reflective heat of the pavement than the rest of us.




To give you a feel for how badly the heat can take its toll, here’s an image of my son, Hunter, very shortly after the day’s ride.  Mark joked that Hunter’s snoring disrupted his post ride beer drinking technique.




We learned that the heat and humidity of the gulf area can also bring strong thunderstorms.  Here’s a very short video I took at 6pm from the hotel.  I think it rained over 4 inches in about an hour.  Amazingly, the next morning you could barely tell it rained.

4″ per HOUR Video

– Colin

2 thoughts on “Heat & Storms by Colin Hall

  1. Outstanding Colin! Watch out Jim Cantore…your job is in jeopardy. So glad you were all together, thanks for ringing the cowbell!

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