today was a good day, we got an early start to get a jump on the heat, it peaked at 116 degrees at 4pm. we had rolling hills and clocked 2000 feet of climbing, add the constant headwinds and it was a bear, but we still managed a solid 45 miles. we are in blyth ca. but will roll into az. tomorrow, although we will backtrack for another night here tomorrow.
I had mentioned the two women that i passed the other day, well they passed us as we were breaking for lunch, we chased them down and put them far behind us. we met a guy named doug who was riding the other direction, he started in key west after hiking the AT, he has been on the road for about a year. we visited with 2 crew members of a support team for a guy racing RAM, he was doing a 24 hour training ride. my favorite of the day was when paul, lincoln and i rolled through a border checkpoint, had a friendly exchange with the border agents, and then joked that it would be funny if they stopped the rv. sure enough, looked back they had been stopped, alex driving is from brazil and maria my care giver is filipino.
it took some time but they were soon behind us.
my great friend paul leaves tomorrow and we grab another great friend jake.
thank you for supporting challenge.
be well,

Paul and Steph cycling through the Impreial Dunes of California

Maria and Alex survived the border patrol

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  1. Steph,

    45 miles on an OFF DAY?! In 116 degree heat?! With headwinds?! (and I’ll bet the drag brake was even on for half the trek). You’re stronger than horseradish buddy.

    And don’t worry about those border checkpoints… I think they only try to stop people now who are LEAVING the country.

    Good luck in AZ… the Adams are praying for you every day!

    ced & family

  2. Great update. Glad you are staying 1 more day, our care package should arrive tomorrow! Let us know how else we can help..still spreading the word!

  3. “Someone apparently started happy hour a little early.

    Around 7 a.m., employees at K&N Trucking discovered two of their tractor trailers were missing. Oh, and they were both loaded with beer.

    As in $70,000 worth of beer — 1,260 six-packs of Corona Extra in one and 990 six-packs of Corona Extra and 990 cases of Modelo Especial in the other.

    Deputies found the trucks’ cabs abandoned in a vacant lot around 5 p.m.

    The trailers and the likely tipsy thieves are still missing.”


    Stay Thirsty,my friend,


  4. Good to have California in your rear view mirror. Since you are in Blythe, you will cross the Colorado River and will hit a few hills on I-10 before pushing on through the Arizona desert. Watch out for Arizona Steph as it is highly populated by those damn conservative Republicans. Perhaps b the time you get to Florida, the Cubs and Red Sox will have climbed to .500. We continue to admire your guts and perseverance and praise all who are assisting you on this odyssey. Love, Sharon and Peter

  5. Dear mark, following you closely. You sound strong. I’m glad you “paused” in the heat… And equally happy you made tracks later. My mom sends her love and support and so do Michael and I. Hang tough, our love, kath

  6. Steph,
    Greetings from the Scottish Highlands! Todd & I are here working on our Links House project. We may have 1000’s of miles between us, but you are always on our minds & in our hearts! You continue to have my admiration & amazement. You give so many the gift of hope. Keep on truckin’
    All our love, Liz (& Todd)

  7. Mark,
    So glad that you had a good day. Hopefully, the weather will cool down soon. We are cheering you on each day.
    Vicki and Peter

  8. Go Steph! We were a bit worried about you and the heat – but glad that you were able to get a great day in. Love the photos of you in the dunes. Stay StephStrong!
    Love – The Halls

  9. Mark, It was great to meet you and your crew Friday. June and I were very impressed and excited for you, your ride and your team. We thought about you a lot during our trip. Best of luck on your crossing. I know you have a huge amount of support but please let us know if you need any additional assistance. We would be glad to help. -Dave and June

  10. Mark and team, congrats on your progress. Hurray, you will be out of the bilstering heat soon. Your dad looks GREAT…Just like he did back in 1970 something when I met him. What a handsom man he is, a little grayer, but arn’t we all. You also look great, very fresh, and that is a good thing giving the stress you are putting your body through. You can always tell the guys that have been training at the end of a long day in the saddle.
    Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow or Saturday. Hope to have my wife ride Saturday with us. We will bring both bikes (Tandem and my road) hope someone can drive our truck???
    I will bring some cold micro brew… Keep up the effort.

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