hot and windy but got 50!

we got off to a later start as we had to backtrack to where we left off yesterday, the morning was crystal clear and we knew it was going to be a hot one. we hydrated well and i made it almost 39 minutes before i had to stop for a restroom break, yesterday i made it 37 minutes. i am averaging 15 stops a day, i share this because if you come to ride……i need a lot of help, up from bike, brace off, pants down, hold up, then reverse.
it was as hot as i have ever experienced, started with a tail wind and we were clicking off some miles but had to get inside at noon, we were getting fried. we got some whisper clounds that took the edge off and off we went, Katy, Paul and i. I peddled 20 minutes with the drag brake on and wondered why i was killing myself to go 5 miles an hour, problem solved we were able to get into a good groove and despite bad pavement and now a headwind on we went. i want to note that although i was passed by two old ladies walking their dog, today i passed two female riders, one was pulling a trailer with 2 little dogs in it, they were also going cross country, they were a bit odd, i wish them good luck. the good news is we got 50 miles in today!
it has been a long time since i last did that. we are all tired and a little crispy, more heat tomorrow with more elavation……..ouch.
thank you for your support.
be well,

Mark & Maria checking out the days journey.


13 thoughts on “hot and windy but got 50!

  1. “So take it as far
    as you see and beyond
    With eyes you don’t use enough
    to gather up strength;
    As Thoroughfare Gap
    What awaits is whatever you see
    When you get there
    or even before;
    It’s no matter.
    No distance.
    It’s the ride.”


  2. Steph… almost a double marathon today – way to go!! Forget the fact that you’d probably be in New Mexico by now if it wasn’t for the dang drag brake! It’s a good story to tell the grandkids some day. By that time, it will likely include the fact that you were also pulling the SRAM trailer and all the Coronas too.

    I’m praying for clouds and tail winds for the next several days. Hang tough amigo – we are blown away by your grit.


  3. 50 miles! Fantastic! Your upbeat tone is a joy to read. Thanks for keeping us updated on your blog. I eagerly look forward to reading it every day! I’ll join the chant…’STEPHSTRONG!’

  4. 50 miles! Just like the old days…looping the cemetary. Way to go!

    P.S. What exactly is it we will need to “hold up”? Should I bring a glove?

  5. Go Steph! 50 miles is very impressive. You would kick my ass any day. So proud of you! Keep up with the great writing, strong spirits, and cold Coronas! – Robyn

  6. Thinking of you guys everyday…will make a pilgrimage to the lonestar state for some penance . Might just show up somewhere on the road like a mirage or nightmare. Check the weather could be getting some cooling coming your way in the next couple of days.(weather underground) As always keep chewing and be safe !

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