it was a close one

i am tired and it is late, but here is the rundown of our worst day.
i will start the day at 11:10 which is when Todd texted Lincoln ACCIDENT get back now.
my sister in law trischa was driving behind our group with her flashers on as we crusied through texas ranch country hwy 150. this is a well traveled bike route although part of it is narrowed shoulder. others have their own versions of what happened. i heard the sound of a car locking up breaks and skidding, than the explosion of contact and i looked into my rearview mirrior as trischa’s car came flying through me…… was bad.
a pick up truck hit its breaks, skidded over 100 feet, hit trisch, pushed her another 60 feet. both cars were totaled and 4 to hospital. maria and i were on the recumbents and the only riders hit. she has a banged up ankle. everyone else ok, karin did break her wrist but that was two days ago. both cars looked like they exploded, the other driver was at hospital in handcuffs, he has had some driving issues.
we were at hospital waiting to get everyone out, lincoln and russ were in parking lot trying to jury rig a bike for me out of the pieces of the 2 wrecked bikes, they did, truely great work.
we all left hospital, vernon our friend from parking spot was loading up trisch, karin and judd, they were all pretty shaky as we said goodbye.
it was now almost 4, the heat was up,we were stressed, hotel had been changed to be closer to hospital, beer was chilling, so we did what everbody would do……..we drove 30 minutes back to crash sight, unloaded bikes and headed east. we pulled up in coldspring tx, went to sharons roadhouse brought our cooler and music in, toasted to life, we were all alive.
be well,

Maria and Mark in the aftermath

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  1. Thoughts and prayers to your crew!! Sending good vibes from Kentucky and am thinking of you all! Best wishes from Kentucky, Robyn

  2. “Recieve with simplicity everything that happens to you.”
    – from “A Serious Man”

    To LIFE!


  3. Wow, You gotta get out of Texas. Thank God you guys are all right. We all thought having a van behind with flashers would be a great idea. Where’s Paul with the baseball bat when you need him? hang in there! K

  4. Lets hope the rest of the tour has no further incidents. Very happy to learn that everyone is going to be okay. Safe travels for the remainder of the trips and we hope to catch up with you in Florida.

  5. We are so grateful you are all ok. We have been following your amazing adventure, and send our thoughts and prayers to all of you for a safe continued journey. You are all amazing.

  6. Heard about it mid day and somehow I knew you would be back on the bike before the day was over! As they say “You can’t keep a good man down”. Hang in there and BE SAFE! Hugs to Maria, your own private angel once again.

  7. Wow! Thank goodness everyone is okay! It sould have ended badly. Amazing that you were back on the bike before the end of the day and continued the journey. You are amazing and an inspiration!

  8. In honor of your crew, to their dedication and spirit, we doubled our contribution to RIC. Glad to see you are all back in the saddle again… they say in Tejas

  9. Steph, glad to hear everyone is safe and survived with only minor injury. I always say, you can’t firewall against stupidity.

    You and the SC are blessed to have traveled this far without a serious misshap. Let’s call this “One and Done”.

    Be well, Dave and Margie

  10. Just heard about the accident while sitting by the pool at SCC. Glad everyone is OK! Hope to join you on the ride. Take care.

  11. What a day for all of you. I can sympathize with you since my run in with a van was just four days ago. I’ll be going to an orthopedic specialist in a couple of days to make sure that my right knee is okay.

    I’m so happy that you were not hurt much. In the blog entry, you wrote that your recumbent was damaged but you didn’t mention any personal injuries.

    I’m praying for travel mercies for all of you during the rest of the trip.

  12. Geez Steph…….the lengths you’ll go to just to make your documentary a little more exciting! Seriously, so thankful you’re all going to be okay. You clearly have a slew of angels looking out for you. BE SAFE and carry on!
    xo Jen

  13. It’s amazing & ironic how many para or quadriplegics I know have a second incident completely beyond their contol. Very thankful everyone seems to be ok. And amazed at the perseverance despite the set back. Every day & every way StephStrong!

  14. Courtney, Link, Kady, and Russ you’re the best. Thank you for holding it all together when times were tough! We couldn’t have done it without you.
    You are a great team! Stay strong!

  15. God bless you all. Keep the faith. You will be home soon

    Warm regards

    Mary and Roger and kids

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