Jammin on the Trike

Project Director Lincoln Baker here with an update after the beginning of a new year! We are in full swing here in 2012! Marks’ power and fitness are increasing on the bike and things are moving forward. Mark continues to push himself in training both at home and at the world class facility at Vision Quest in Highland Park, Il. I am off tomorrow to Yosemite National Park to complete a 180 hour Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician course to be up on the latest medical
protocols to prepare for any issues we may have along the route. Happy New Year everyone. Please pass this story on to anyone that you feel would love to hear about it. We want to get the momentum jammin’!

2 thoughts on “Jammin on the Trike

  1. Hi Mark, I just found the blog and the route. I am in. I will try to figure out when I can get
    away and join you for part of the ride. You are a great inspiration and one of my heros.
    Can’t wait to ride with you. jP

  2. Dear Mark,

    I was so excited to get your e-mail and to hear about how things are going. After spending the Christmas holiday with my son, Linc, I know how thrilled he is to be managing the big ride. I hope to join you all in person sometime during the race and at the start if I can get away from work.

    Happy New Year and my best to you,


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