January coming to a close

We are having an stretch of great weather here in Chicago and the sunlight just makes everything better. On our facebook page are a couple of photos, one is me this week in a robotic walking tool called a Lokomat, it is used to train people with neuro injuries how to walk.
I use it as part of a drug study on spasticity.

Mark on the Lokomat

Mark on the Lokomat

The other photo is me this week on the bike at Vision Quest, a world class training facility that is helping me. My friend in the photo is Bob Weeks, who has given countless hours over the last 6 months to really understand the challenge and has brought many solutions. In the picture we are working a device that runs programs through a computer that the rear wheel is attached to. These programs drive my workout and give us a lot of flexibility in training.

Mark on the bike at Vision Quest

Mark on the bike at Vision Quest

Thank you to everyone who has pushed out the Stephan Challenge to friends. Always open to thoughts and comments.
Be well,

6 thoughts on “January coming to a close

  1. Steph: Keep up the hard work! You look great. I am looking forward to following you on this epic adventure! Peace brother. wesko

  2. We are off to La Quinta for two months tomorrow, but will keep in touch with your web site. You are one of the most remarkable, courageous, and strong individuals we have ever known. Keep up your conditioning and spirits and the ride will just be another in your long list of hurdles you have jumped over. Our thoughts are always with you. Love, Sharon and Peter

  3. Dear Steph, It’s so great to see pictures of you and I am amazed by the technology that you have to help you. I would be very grateful if you could please change the email address that you have for me on your database to the gmail one above as I rarely use hotmail – just for internet shopping so it is full of junk.

    We’re looking forward to a Warnock visitation in April…and a visit to Dornoch.

    Keep it up! You are truly inspirational,

    Lots of love


  4. Mark, it takes real courage to push yourself to places where you have never been, to test your limits, to break through walls. But always know, that through your actions, you are a role model for others.

  5. Hi Mark you look great on the Lokomat! You are wearing the same look of determination I am used to seeing at Fit Rev! Everything you are doing will benefit so many others. Good on you! Cheers Kim

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