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Louisiana to Mississippi to Alabama to (almost) Florida

As I sit here at the airport in Pensacola after spending the last five days riding
with Steph (and a host of other wonderful people) I am trying to figure out how to
describe the journey. Maybe a better way is just to use words to describe Steph.

Strength. Willpower. Determination. Dedication. Steadfast. Extraordinary.
Bravery. Fearlessness. Tenacity. Grit. Mettle. Resolve. Fortitude. Genuine. Gracious.
Perseverance. Lots of Determination. Energetic. Relentless. Single-Mindedness. Did


I mention Courage? Focused. Driven. Committed. Persistence. Resilient. Tireless.

Driven. Incredible Determination. Tremendous Courage. Devoted. Hard working.
Sharing. Engaging. Warm. Friendly. Stephstrong. ( I think that is a word now.)
Funny. My hero.

Somehow, words just don’t say enough.

June 20, 2012

4 thoughts on “Joel Press-Guest Blogger

  1. Hi Joel,

    My name is Wayne Nguyen, I was DJ Kennedy’s fellow this past year at UF, about to start private practice in Ocala, Florida in July. Also an avid cyclist, when I read about Stephan’s story as a physiatrist and cyclist it captured my heart. It would be honor to ride with him. I’m organizing a group of Gainesville riders to ride with Stephan hopefully at least one day if not to Saint Augustine which would be super special.
    I’m scheduled to move to Ocala, FL on June 28th so I’m thinking I’ll ride with him June 29th and 30th. Is the weather holding up the ride now? His last update was from June 23rd?
    Thanks, look forward to riding with Stephan and meeting you Joel.

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