loving la.

yesterday was a blast, we were joined by bill ross and gordon montgomery, friends from home. we backtracked 7 miles and started on a warm day with great clound cover. we had many friendly honks and a comfortable morning.
our route had many turns but we navigated well, lunch was a great picnic although we did it in sun as the shade meant going closer to trees and we were running into snakes. tom got a great shot of a water maccosin, hope we get that posted.
traffic was light, scenery was great, we rolled 47 miles. beers were cold and we started just as the heavens opened up, our timing was perfect, the rain was warm.
today bill, gordon, parker,dale and i drove to breaux bridge for breakfast, a cool town we will ride to tomorrow. we lost tom,louis,bill,jeff early this morning and bill, gordon and my son parker to airport. i just chilled the rest of day, we have some route adjusting to do and get ready for push to fla.
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  1. Congrats cycling over 2000 miles. Not to sure of your new route but between Lafayette and New Orleans, I’ve ridden LA 182 and US 90 many times. LA 182 is a two-laned scenic highway. US 90 is a four-laned divided highway with a wide paved shoulder. Can’t remember if there is a rumble strip. For the most part, you cycle along LA 182 but there is a section of US 90 because you have to cross a bridge over a canal or a river. There are two high two-laned bridges on LA 182. There is a bridge between Baldwin and Franklin and the other one is coming into Morgan City. Traffic gets dicey the closer you get to New Orleans on the West Bank but you can use google maps for bikes and find a river route. A good route between Morgan City to New Orleans is LA 182 out of Morgan City to Schriever, north on La 24 to Thibodaux, LA 20 to North Vacherie, and then get on LA 18 which is the river road. You should be able to get across the Mississippi River on the Algiers-Canal Street Ferry. The ferry at Gretna is a pedestrian only but it is currently closed. US 90 is okay heading out of New Orleans. There is one high bridge over the ship canal but it is a new bridge and there is a bike path. I rode over it in November 2010. US 90 doesn’t have that much traffic heading east to Mississippi. It’s a pretty good ride with some drawbridges to cross over on the way to Bay St Louis, MS. In Mississippi, it’s a good ride along US 90 to Long Beach. It is quite dangerous to cycle on US 90 between Gulfport and Biloxi because of narrow lanes, no shoulder, and high traffic because of the casinos. I would check out google maps for bikes and find a route along the railroad which is about 8 blocks north of the coastline. Great bridge to ride across at the east edge of Bay St Louis and between Biloxi and Ocean Springs. Hope that this helps. Praying for you.

  2. Thanks for taking such good care of Colin and Hunter during their cajun country time with you. They can’t stop talking about the Stephan Challenge, Mark’s incredible strength, the tireless and tremendous team, the amazing folks you met along the way, the crawfish, the police send-off, and of course – riding by your side. Thanks for letting them be a part of your awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, epic journey – and thanks for the constant updates from the road. Sending all of our love and hugs from the Windy City!

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