making progress

today had to be one of our nicest rides. we were joined this morning by corey minturn and todd warnock, friends from home. it was sunny and cool we were ready for a great day. karin’s wrist looked broken, but she was game and off we went. our first wildlife encounter was with this huge live tarantula, it was on the shoulder making its way to the other side of road, it never made it. we turned onto a farm road and hit the rollers again, they were getting a little softer, the road nice, scenery rural pretty.

A Texas tarantula joined us for the morning

When we pulled in for lunch, it was another great picnic in the shade.
after lunch we said goodbye to fred schuler and the austin crowd, todd peters, steve salopek and the gay’s, what a great group. peter mesrobian had pulled in and was ready to join us. we cruised into a national forest, great pavement, awesome views, tall pines. the heat was back and started to take its toll, we pulled in at 515, temp 95. loaded up, back to motel, beers in the parking lot, dale peletier back for a second visit.
i think i have roughly 1300 miles to go…………….
be well,

3 thoughts on “making progress

  1. Steph,

    Huge tarantula?! Is this a joke? Like “Why didn’t the tarantula cross the road?” Don’t leave us hanging. What happened? Did he chicken out? I’d rather run across a ‘bat-wielding crazy dude’ from Yuma than a big hairy spider.

    Obviously, it doesn’t appear to have slowed you down a bit though… you’ll be in Cajun Country before you know it! GO STEPH!


  2. Steph –

    Had a fantastic couple days with you and the team in Tehas …… thank you Lincoln and crew for making it so easy.

    People might say that the proof of your wisdom and willpower is a 3,200 mile trek cross country …….. I say it’s that you avoided the Wrangler steakhouse in Navasota.

    Either way, you rock.


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