making progress

a quick update on my rest day, my dad and i had a late breakfast at dennys,
i tried to read for a while but fell asleep, beers with dad, lincoln and alex. we watched my dad ride my bike in motel lot then headed off for mexican dinner.
today, wen. an early morning with dennys breakfast to go in rv, we backtracked 15 miles west of wickenberg to mile marker 95 and unloaded. it was alex and i and we had clouds for first time in 10 days, it was great. it started with a long climb but we had a great descent and we were really knocking off the miles. just after noon i was waved down by a couple on the side of road, they were Miami U alumni and had been at the send off in san diego with some other alumni. they had been following blog and were headed from phx to vegas and thought they might catch us, a very gracious couple and we had a nice visit. we now had a really stiff headwind and were slowed a bit but we were heading for a break and guest swap. it was great to have my dad in for a quick visit, but the awesome people from the parking spot had pulled in and they grabbed him and dropped off my good buddy from home, mike miller. mike had fresh legs and was pushing us but he realized he was dehydrating and needed a beer, we called it a day at 79th and thunderbird, 56 miles under our belt. thank you for your support.
be well,

enjoying a rest day in the company of family!


4 thoughts on “making progress

  1. Look forward to seeing you over the next few days. Keep pushing the needle forward, you are doing great. See you soon.


  2. Steph,

    56 miles! That’s a strong day on the road… way to go! I checked the forecast tomorrow in Phoenix and the high temp is only 79, so it’s going to be like winter for you. Wear a parka and bring a thermos of scalding hot coffee to stay warm and hydrated. You are tougher than a box of 12-penny nails. GO STEPH!


    PS. Keep posting the end point for each day (or GPS coordinates)… it’s great for us stalkers.

  3. Steph,Please take it easy on Mike Miller. All of us at SCC. especially the Paddle Nation are worried about what your daily routine could do to Mike. We need him strong and recovered in four months for Paddle.

    Thanks for your consideration.


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