Moving On

we had another great morning, clear and cool. we are rejoined by Zuzana and Kate who shooting our adventure. we had about 25 miles on a rural road, maybe 5 cars in 3 hours it was great. lunch brought departure for mike and Nancy glass, back to Chicago, what great friends and we had 3 great days.

mike, bob and i jumped on i-10 for the final push to les cruses, it was going well untill we hit construction, got a little dicey, but we got through with 4 flats. lincoln was waiting for us at downtown exit, it was hot, we were spent, 57 miles down. we have new riders coming tonight and will be in Texas tomorrow for cinco de myo (sp).

we have 140 miles in 2 days, going to back it down a bit, we are on time.
be well,




5 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Welcome back Zuzanna & Kate!! We have been loving all your images and look forward to the surprises you have in store for us! Welcome new riders, we are all living vicariously through you & look forward to your postings. What an awesome network of family & friends, Mark & Margaret Ann.

  2. Thoroughfare Gap
    by Stephen Stills

    Sometimes I consider
    my pace
    I’m reminded of a train
    gathering speed
    for the climb to the pass;
    In whose shadow it already lies
    A small metal dragon
    approaching the ever-present ascending rise
    To the Seventh Moutain.

    Reelin’ and snakin’ and leapin’ it seems
    Like it wants to come loose
    from it’s path cast in iron;
    But you can’t slow down now
    As the Earth has presented
    a new crest to reach
    Without barely a rest
    from the last one.

    And you wonder
    just what lies beyond
    Though you’ve been there before
    And forget about
    the effort and the strain;
    Always ascending,
    each yard as a mile
    To the never ending pull
    of the steepening grade
    that’s before you.

    A valley, a forest,
    a desert, a stream,
    With an over-sized bridge
    for the trickle there beneath;
    You remember the torrent
    it turned to last Spring,
    From the snow’s melting fast,
    And the river it became
    in the summer.

    Perhaps it is ruin
    from a fire that has scorched it
    So badly that nothing
    will grow without rain;
    To wash away the blackened soil
    Now useless ’til called upon again
    In a future as distant and far away
    as the next range of mountains.

    So take it as far
    as you see and beyond
    With eyes you don’t use enough
    to gather up strength;
    As Thoroughfare Gap
    What awaits is whatever you see
    When you get there
    or even before;
    It’s no matter.
    No distance.
    It’s the ride.


  3. Congrats on getting your third state. Texas is half a day’s ride away from Las Cruces. Watch out for the very large dairy farm. Once you’ll get into Texas, you’ll be getting very close to the Mexican border and the wall. I hope that you have thorn-proof inner tubes and Mr Tuffy strips in your tires because the mesquite thorns might be bad. I hope that you don’t have that many flats across Texas as you had in New Mexico. Praying for you.

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