Mr. Stephan, a Great Role Model – by Ethan Schmitt

I had a blast over the whole weekend. I learned a few life lessons as I started my leg of the Stephan Challenge. I learned, through Mr. Stephan, to never give up. No matter how big or small something is I can always persevere through it. On the first day of riding in the hot Austin sun, we encountered a few hills (hills is an understatement.) These hills were what really taught me that lesson. As I slowly peddled up those hills, my legs were burning. The whole time I felt like getting off and walking. Then just as I was about to dismount the bike and walk, I thought of Mr. Stephan and the way he is driven by his determination to do anything. This gave me the extra boost to keep going up the hill and when I finally reached top, I rested. Was so proud of myself. Until Mr. Stephan reached the top and just kept going. Mr. Stephan is not only just an amazing person but a great role model for me and all of us.

Thanks for the amazing time I had!

-Ethan Schmitt

Mark pedaling the last few miles of a long hard day

One thought on “Mr. Stephan, a Great Role Model – by Ethan Schmitt

  1. Mark, I’m amazed at your athletic ability even after your injury. I was in high school with your dad and he couldn’t even stay in a canoe! I’m praying for your wonderful journey.

    Carole Fry

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