we left our starting point yesterday from round top with a full crew, new arrivals from san fran, kieth gay and his wife, very early morning arrivals from kansas city and columbus, todd peters and steve salopek and from chicago fred schuler and a couple of buddies from austin.
temp warm, very humid and skys were dark, we are expecting severe weather today. a little extra time to get everyone ready and off we go. we are 5 minutes into ride and we have, man down, actually it was karin, left wrist sprain, she gutted out the day, but clearly swollen. katy and todd were navigators for the day and we missed our main turn 5 miles into ride, we were too far past to go back so we rerouted and reassigned their duties.
late morning we caught the brunt of the storm, we found shelter in self serve car wash, temp. dropped 20 degress, wind howeling, sheets of rain.
it moved quickly and we made a break, light rain, soon passed, sky clears, sun and heat back. we grabbed a roadside picnic lunch and moved on.
katy flated (justice) navasota was straight ahead, two hours later we were pulling into the comfort inn. the hydration coolers were brought out.
be well,

5 thoughts on “navasota

  1. Mark and crew,
    You are amazing! Keep up the steady pace! Your cruising through those rollers! Power to you! Go Steph and glad Keith and Aleta Gay were there for you. Go well. Half way there!

  2. Wonderful time, people, places, roads, sites, creatures and experience. I encourage anyone thinking of riding with Steph to do it!! I was sorry to leave but I am with Mark all the way in spirit and enthusiasm. Go Mark Go!!!

  3. Mark,

    Thanks for including a couple of Austin interlopers in your challenge. I know that I am not the first, nor will I be the last to tell you what an inspiration you are. Truly incredible. Please tell Lincoln, Russell,Katie, Courtney, Jud and Maria that we appreciated all the kindness they extended to us. Fred, Stuart and I talked about you, your dedicated group of friends and crew all the way back to Austin. Hope you held up well to the heat. We could tell the temp was going to be brutal. Stay well.
    Stay strong. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jim J.

  4. Steph,

    First, excellent turnout of folks. You are the pied piper of bikers man ! Good job everyone.

    Second, did Linc detail the trailer in the car wash? I was afraid to tell him I smudged it one day.

    Third, Sue Rushmore and I want our navigator merit badges back.

    Lastly, you’re the best. Keep rolling buddy !

    Chuck Gibbons

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