Old Friends

We had a great surprise this morning
With friends from Chicago in the looby for coffee, Jenny tashmina, heather Blackwell and bob Sierens. They drove over frm their vacation spot to wish us well. Bob and allison road with us a good part of the day. The weather was perfect and we had a tailwind. Scott Wallace, peter Mesrobian and paul pomfret making his second appearance were in the pack. We say goodbye to Bruce lee. We covered a fast 30 miles to get out of metro phx. Then we began a climb, about 5 miles, mike miller gutted it to the top and jumped in with the great people from the parking spot and headed home. We would never have made it though metro area without his keen navigation skills.
The climb kicked my ass, so we ellpulled the plug 2 miles west of superior ax.and will start there. We are on hwy 60 pretty busy, but good shoulder and very pretty. My garmin read 38 for the day, not bad given climbing.
Be well

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